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Counter-intuitive results: Several cancer screening tests don't improve health outcomes

It was in the spirit of the latter that the National Cancer Institute launched the Prostate, Lung, Colorectal, and Ovarian Cancer (PLCO) Screening trial in 1992. ... Although it has largely been supplanted by colonoscopy and CT colonography (aka "virtual
August 2019

QD: News Every Day--1 in 20 adult outpatients misdiagnosed annually

The second used an algorithm to detect a lack of follow-up of abnormal clinical findings for colorectal cancer. ... And, the authors wrote, the rate of misdiagnoses could be an underestimate, based on conditions not considered by the study, such as other
August 2019

SPRINT prompts new debate on BP targets

This issue covers topics such as management of hypertension, integrative medicine, and follow-up care for colorectal cancer. ... Colorectal cancer survivors who have completed treatment are in need of specific follow-up from their primary care physicians.
March 2016

QD: News Every Day--Cancer rates rise by 75% even as specific types of disease fall

Results appeared in The Lancet Oncology on June 1. Worldwide, rates of colorectal cancer, female breast cancer, female lung cancer and prostate cancer will rise in highly developed areas. ... The authors wrote, "Some cancers seem to be positively
August 2019

QD: News Every Day--Cancer treatments projected to cost at least $158 billion by 2020

QD: News Every Day--Cancer treatments projected to cost at least $158 billion by 2020. ... In 2010, medical costs associated with cancer were projected to reach $127.6 billion, with the highest costs associated with breast cancer ($16.5 billion),
August 2019

QD: News Every Day--Geriatrics society cites 5 more things older patients should question

2) Don’t recommend screening for breast or colorectal cancer, nor prostate cancer with the prostate-specific-antigen test, without considering life expectancy and the risks of testing, overdiagnosis and overtreatment. ... Cancer screening is associated
August 2019

Internal Medicine Meeting 2016 goes to Washington

This issue covers topics such as colorectal cancer screening, the development and implementation of clinical guidelines, and management of stroke patients.
June 2016

QD: News Every Day--U.S. cancer survivors grows to nearly 12 million

QD: News Every Day--U.S. cancer survivors grows to nearly 12 million. ... colorectal cancer survivors (10%). .
August 2019

New studies on colon cancer screening by colonoscopy and fecal blood testing

The New England Journal of Medicine published two major papers on screening for colon and rectal cancer. ... According to the ACS, colorectal cancer ranks third as a cause of cancer mortality in men and in women.
August 2019

QD: News Every Day--Better care in PCMH may stem from culture changes, not from technology

eye examinations and hemoglobin A1c testing for patients with diabetes, chlamydia screening, and colorectal cancer screening (adjusted P<0.05 for each).
August 2019

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