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Keys to taking a neurological history | ACP Internist

The most powerful tool in neurology is the history and physical exam, including the requirement that patients walk in the presence of neurologists, in order to better understand symptoms.

An even smaller feeding of cardiology and neurology : ACP Internist

If what I heard yesterday here at Internal Medicine 2012 were small feedings of the mind, then what I've got for you are some tasty crumbs: ...

Interesting neuro case for doctors who hate neurology : ACP Internist

Yesterday, I presented the case of a woman with double vision and ptosis and challenged you all to a game of "spot the lesion." To be hones...

MKSAP Quiz: 1-year history of progressive weakness | ACP Internist Weekly | ACP Internist

A 52-year-old man is evaluated for a 1-year history of progressive weakness that began as right foot drop and bilateral tingling in the feet. Within the past 2 months, the patient has developed progressive weakness, which makes walking difficult.

The upside of losing your brain : ACP Internist

Neurology is one of those specialties that always has case studies interesting to the layman, and yesterday's "update" was no exception. Ma...

'You are welcome' : ACP Internist

I have felt from the start that this practice model is far better than the one I had in my former life, including: • Better experience for t...

Seeking clarity for opioid prescribing | ACP Internist

Doctors continue to be frustrated by their patients' chronic pain problems, due to a lack of evidence on opioids' long-term effectiveness and strong evidence of potential harms.

Laughter in Internal Medicine : ACP Internist

You might not expect a day of neurology to be a laugh riot, but precourse faculty Martin Samuels had his attendees in stitches today. And no...

Medical News of the Obvious : ACP Internist

People who are cognitively active, socially engaged and physically active may fend off cognitive impairments, according to the Archives of N...

Internists likely to see unprovoked first seizure | ACP Internist

It's common for internists to see and receive referrals back for unprovoked first seizures, leading to considerations of treatment versus waiting.

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