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A doctor who embraces change, personally and politically

We have a great respiratory therapist and superb wound care and rehab nurses, for instance. ... There is no question that we could provide best-quality, comprehensive care to all patients.
July 2013

Should the word 'hospitalist' be more protected?

even heard respiratory therapists and wound care nurses who are covering multiple floors describe themselves as the “respiratory therapy hospitalist” and “wound nurse hospitalist!”. ... His other clinical interests include quality improvement,
July 2020

The downfalls of medical care in rural America

Some do not have primary care physicians and may be unable to obtain a timely appointment. ... defend" decision. I was told I could not do wound care by my agent for the same reason: high risk if there was an infection.
July 2020

Moxifloxacin for MRSA: Why is this not standard of care?

A few weeks ago, while treating a patient with a MRSA infected wound, a colleague who is a wound care doctor suggested using moxifloxacin to treat her infection. ... I told him as much, except the stupid part and he told me that I was wrong, that he had
July 2020

Following up on breast density

Vaccines are an important part of preventive care, but it can be hard convincing patients to keep up with the existing vaccination schedule. ... This issue includes a preview of three of those lectures, with stories aboutand managing wound care.
June 2020

Peace and permission

After several days of wound care, pain control and futile antibiotics, my attending—1 of the most senior physicians in that hospital—decided to refocus our goals of care. ... And his grandson promised him that he would care for that dog as long as Mr.
July 2020

The well-chewed calorie

Culture is bigger than any one of us. Cultural variation in behavior and health outcomes tells us rather indelibly, whether we like the message or not, that the basic care and ... Again, it would be as if your foot catches fire, and you feel compelled to
July 2020

Treating skin ulcers in the office

In addition to five principles of wound care, an expert addresses pearls that can aid with all types of skin healing and antimicrobial efforts. ... The key principle for wound care is to get to good wound-bed preparation.
June 2020

Volunteer internists help to rebuild Haiti

Internist volunteers have shifted focus accordingly. First responders pitched in as needed, providing basic wound and nursing care, for example. ... When Dr. Perry arrived in Haiti about three weeks after the earthquake, surgeries had subsided and
May 2010

Planned safe injection site aims to curb overdose deaths

Such facilities, also called comprehensive user engagement sites, offer referral to treatment and social services, wound care, medically supervised drug consumption, and access to sterile injection equipment and naloxone in a ... desired, and nurses and
January 2020

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