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Even rare inherited cancer syndromes lurk in your practice | ACP Internist

Pop quiz: How many health care rating schemes are out there?.

QD: News Every Day--New resource wrangles info on 2,500 available genetic tests : ACP Internist

The federal government launched its Genetic Testing Registry (GTR) to help physicians navigate the burgeoning number of genetic tests. Th...

Genomics making warfarin easier to manage : ACP Internist

Warfarin is a very challenging drug to prescribe and manage. Not only is the therapeutic window narrow, but achieving the correct dose and m...

QD: News Every Day--Cancer research good for survival, and the economy : ACP Internist

High-tech cancer research has led to more people surviving for longer, and calls for continued funding point out not only that it's good for...

Personalized medicine with a genomic twist | ACP Internist

Personalized medicine with a genomic twist.

Fleshing out the debate over meat from cloned animals | ACP Internist

Warnings, recalls, label changes, and approvals.

Race and the clinical exam : ACP Internist

In the last several months it has become increasingly clear that I am guilty of racial profiling. Before you get too upset with me, consider...

Target unique genetic diseases through common pathways | ACP Internist

Marfan syndrome may benefit from angiotension receptor blockers, just one example of how genetic diseases can be cured by available drugs instead of genetic cures, by W. Gregory Feero, MD, PhD.

The long arm of your chromosomes and the law : ACP Internist

A great debate is raging in the wider genetics community that is directly relevant to day-to-day internal medicine. In the last three years,...

Tumors' shared pathways may hold key to cancer cures | ACP Internist

The tremendous diversity of genetic alterations in cancer samples leads a governmental senior advisor to look for shared pathways among all tumors for a possible cure.

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