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Are scribes a potential boon or bane for primary care?

Many doctors feel that the presence of another person in the exam room will have a negative impact on the physician-patient relationship and is antithetical to their training. ... Many doctors feel that the presence of another person in the room will
February 2012

When physicians have to say no: Does patient satisfaction suffer?

At least not in the context of a strong physician-patient relationship. ... In such instances patient satisfaction was lower. This is not surprising when one study categorized the quality of physician responses to patient information requests as follows:.
February 2020

Will you be talking politics today?

But what if a patient asks? A recent op-ed in the Washington Post discussed whether it's appropriate for physicians and patients to discuss politics. ... But the discussion could antagonize patients and/or negatively affect the physician/patient
February 2020

Avoiding the unintended consequences of the new work hours

supervision. Most important, the extended hospital shifts were the time for residents and patients to bond--developing the critical doctor-patient relationship and designing a collaborative plan of care. ... When we emphasize the patient and the
February 2020

One physician's journey to direct primary care, a burnout tale

Increasingly, however, the physician-patient relationship is being supplanted by the economic demands of a medical machine.”. ... So Donald spent 4 months saying goodbye to some patients, arranging a new physician to see them, and recruiting some
February 2020

Dismissing patients always a last resort

Stopping the physician-patient relationship can be seen as abandonment if not done properly. ... Missed appointments, chronic lateness, drug-seeking behavior, belligerent attitudes and refusal of treatment can strain a physician-patient relationship to
September 2013

QD: News Every Day--Patients, not physicians, key to halting opioid abuse

Of the respondents, 855 (30.7%, percentage adjusted for sampling strategy) reported having a physician source of opioids. ... This suggests that public health efforts to mitigate nonmedical opioid use that occurs outside the sphere of the
February 2020

Readers weigh in on bedside skills, health care costs

Readers weigh in on the physician-patient relationship and difficulties of health insurance. ... It is difficult not to sound too old-fashioned, but I also believe in the essential role of the physician-patient relationship.
September 2017

Two conversations about health care

per day and our panel sizes to the point where many (including myself) feel that quality of care and the patient-physician relationship is compromised. ... to protect the personal aspects of the physician-patient relationship.
February 2020

QD: News Every Day--Physicians muzzled when talking to patients about guns

Physicians cannot record that a patient owns a gun into a medical record. ... Now, the nature of the physician-patient relationship is at risk, a lawyer representing the physicians told Medical News Today.
February 2020

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