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Maintaining men's health in middle age | ACP Internist

Adrenopause, somatopause, andropause... manopause? They all give internists pause when considering men's health as they reach middle age. As men try to maintain optimum health, doctors need to define what exactly that is.
April 2014

Prostate cancer--a fish tale : ACP Internist

Have you heard that fish oil supplements cause prostate cancer? The news items come from an article published online July 11, 2013 by Brasky...
April 2019

QD: News Every Day--Circumcision associated with less prostate cancer in blacks, men over 35 : ACP Internist

Circumcision at birth may help prevent prostate cancer in black men, with a stronger association also noted among men of all races circumcis...
April 2019

Dads, dudes, diabetes and duty : ACP Internist

I am, and have long been, on the masthead at Men's Health magazine as an editorial advisor, with contributions focused principally on weigh...
April 2019

Is your office full of girly men? : ACP Internist

A new study , reported by HealthDay, finds that masculinity is inversely related to a man's likelihood of receiving routine medical care. In...
April 2019

Checkmarks for check-ups, the mandatory annual exam : ACP Internist

My car was making a chirping noise when I drove forward and a high-pitched whine when I went in reverse, so I took it into the mechanic and,...
April 2019

Osteoporosis: What about men? : ACP Internist

Treating reduced bone density in women is a big business, from its detection with bone density screening (DXA), to its treatment with medica...
April 2019

Is testosterone treatment safe and effective? : ACP Internist

Testosterone, the hormone most responsible for “maleness” in men, naturally declines with age. Drug companies have capitalized on this fact,...
April 2019

A change in prostate cancer management : ACP Internist

The big medical news recently was a seminal study of prostate cancer , suggesting that when it is diagnosed, we men have options―including ...
April 2019

April 2014 | ACP Internist

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