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Will President-elect Obama achieve true health care reform?

Leading congressional Democrats are committed to comprehensive health care reform (with some influential Republicans likely to join them). ... There are many reasons why President-elect Obama and Congress could still fail to reform health care.
January 2009

1985-1994: Pharma and health care reform cause conflict

College leaders were building a policy on access to health care during the same time. ... In anticipation of a report on health care policy that the AMA was scheduled to release during its annual meeting, the College prepared “a blistering denunciation,
September 2015

Doctors lobby for health care reform on Leadership Day

We will use Leadership Day as a way to engage members of Congress in a discussion about broader health care reform,” said Mr. ... Particularly when we meet with somebody from Sen. Clinton's office we'll be talking about broad issues of health care as
April 2008

Even with new legislation, health care reform would evolve

Success or failure for health care reform isn't the end of the journey, but another milestone. ... everyone. The continuous and changing nature of health care reform is a good thing.
February 2010

Regents approve Governors' resolutions, measures on leadership, health care reform

They also approved a position paper on health care reform, and supported further study of key issues including hospital-acquired infections. ... Health care reform. The Regents approved a position paper that analyzes and compares health care systems in
January 2008

States eye health care reform if federal law is overturned

The Supreme Court is ruling on the constitutionality of health care reform, leaving states in the position of having to plan for any eventuality. ... Letting the states take the lead in health care reform remains a viable option.
May 2012

Five questions that may decide success of health care reform

s Health Insurance Program (CHIP), Veterans Affairs or another federal program, have from Oct. ... finally extend health insurance coverage to the millions who now can't afford it.
November 2013

A broken leg offers a first-hand look at health care reform

Finding treatment for a broken leg while overseas offers a first-hand look at health care reform in America. ... The anticipated debate over U.S. health care reform has occupied this column over the past few months.
October 2008

Transparency needed for successful health care reform

Health care reform is mostly about creating access through affordable health insurance. ... And health care reform is also about controlling costs, because unlimited access with no financial barriers would be more than the country can afford.
March 2014

What do Obama's first weeks tell us about health care reform?

Searching the first 100 days of President Barack Obama's administration for clues about health care reform. ... President Obama scored some early victories in achieving some of his “down payment” on health care reform.
March 2009

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