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It was truly an honor and a pleasure to train under them, and I strongly considered oncology as a career because of them.
December 2019

A toast to your health?

that the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) just told us constitutes a significant cancer risk.
December 2019

ACP bridges perspectives within internal medicine

To tell you a little bit about me, I am a second-generation female physician, mother of two, and medical oncologist with expertise in women's cancers, integrative oncology, and telemedicine. ... Although I chose oncology as my field of practice, I grew
May 2018

Why cancer research requires constant vigilance

Sledge, Jr., MD. I make it a point to read his essays in Oncology Times as they are always informative and well written. ... Twitter. Dr. Just has 36 years in clinical practice of hematology and medical oncology.
December 2019

In defense of primary care, and of sub-sub-sub-specialists

Even within the field of medical oncology, a subspecialty of internal medicine, there are doctors who only see patients with particular kinds of cancers. ... I mention oncology, here, because I'm most familiar with this field.
December 2019

Cancer mortality news, between the lines

To my colleagues in oncology, research and practice: well done, and thank you!
December 2019

On reducing cancer care costs by resetting expectations, and hope

This would reduce cancer care costs by lessening futile treatments, and would improve the quality of the patient-doctor relationships in oncology, besides the quality of care, in itself, and patients'
December 2019

QD: News Every Day--Double prophylactic mastectomies may not be needed as often

Results were announced by the University of Michigan Comprehensive Cancer Center and presented at an American Society of Clinical Oncology symposium.
December 2019

QD: News Every Day--'Chemo-brain' exists after recovery from breast cancer

Results appeared in the Journal of Clinical Oncology. Researchers noted deficits in cognitive functioning compared to control patients or prechemotherapy baseline verbal ability (g=0.19; P less than.
December 2019

MKSAP Quiz: Painful rash occurring bilaterally

This item is Question 36 in MKSAP 18's Hematology and Oncology section.
February 2019

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