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Further thoughts on CRE: "Once in a Lifetime" edition

2) Invest in studies to improve compliance with hand hygiene. There have been only 4 studies on this topic since 1980 per a recent Cochrane Review. ... Oh, and no more ridiculous hand hygiene song and dance videos, unless they include folks like the
December 2019

QD: News Every Day--VA initiative continues to see MRSA rates declining

The initiative includes screening every patient for MRSA, use of gowns and gloves when caring for patients colonized or infected with MRSA, hand hygiene, a focus on individual responsibility for infection
December 2019

Preventing norovirus transmission in your home

Alcohol hand rub, is thought to be a suboptimal form of hand disinfection with soap and water being preferred. ... The plan. 1) We began practicing strict hand hygiene with soap and water.
December 2019

Antibiotic discovery, or how focusing on supply while ignoring demand is doomed to fail

Give $200 million to prevention research and we might actually find ways to scientifically achieve hand hygiene compliance over 50% without just yelling at health care workers!
December 2019

MRSA rates continue to decline, but not in the community

The continued declines in hospital onset and to a lesser extent HACO MRSA infections suggests that infection control methods including attention to hand hygiene and prevention bundles must be having a
December 2019

A good time to ditch contact precautions?

4) Hand hygiene compliance is only 60%. I know some are claiming 90% or more on their reports, but it’s simply not true.
December 2019

Am I an indicator of a decline in hygiene?

Am I an indicator of a decline in hygiene? A few weeks ago I was seeing patients at a clinic in an affluent suburb. ... I continue to believe that bare below the elbows is useful in infection prevention as it reduces clothing contamination and makes
December 2019

QD: News Every Day--CDC defines scope of antibiotic resistance, outlines what health care providers can do

Follow all necessary infection control recommendations, including hand hygiene, standard precautions and contact precautions. • ... Make sure that patients understand how to protect themselves with vaccines, treatment, and infection control practices
December 2019

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