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Archive - July/August 2013

Pain Management

Take time to ease the pain of elderly patients

Take time to ease the pain of elderly patients

By Stacey Butterfield

Assessing and managing pain can be complicated in elderly patients. Learn which tools work, which tools don’t, and how to optimize treatment.


Practice Management

Success in ACOs depends on collaboration

By Terri D’Arrigo

Physicians should consider culture, autonomy and resources before jumping in.


When negotiating contracts with ACOs, cover all the bases

By Terri D’Arrigo

Get specifics on access to data, and remember to plan for a possible exit strategy.


New Regulations

Spotlight cast on industry gifts, payouts to physicians

By Paula S. Katz

The Physician Payments Sunshine Act goes into effect Aug. 1. We detail what physicians need to know.


President’s Message

The bad, the ugly and the good of electronic health records

By Molly Cooke, MD, FACP

EHRs have significant pluses and minuses.


Washington Perspective

ACP’s Washington office reviews its own ‘seven days in May’

By Robert B. Doherty

A recent week provides a great example of how ACP’s Washington office supports College advocacy.


Resident’s Corner

Internship reflects how patient care guides medical education

By Joshua M. Liao, MD

Our columnist reflects on his just-completed intern year.


The Patient’s Voice

Being a patient partner means collaborating for better care

By Anna Deadrick

The third column in our series describes a patient partner’s experience in working toward patient-centered care.


Physician Profile

A doctor who embraces change, personally and politically

By Stacey Butterfield

The new president of Physicians for a National Health Program, an ACP Fellow, shares his vision for health care reform.


Editor’s Note

Dig deeper when assessing pain in the elderly

By Jennifer Kearney-Strouse

This issue includes stories on assessing and managing pain in the elderly, the pros and cons of ACOs, and details on the Physician Payments Sunshine Act.


Practice Rx

ACP members can influence policy on Medicare’s fee schedule

By Debra Henley Lansey

Over the next six to 18 months, ACP will ask randomly chosen members to complete surveys to influence Medicare reimbursement. We outline what members can expect as part of the process.


Practice Tips

Documenting opioid management is as important as doing it

By Paula Woodward

It’s important to protect your practice by documenting opioid management in the medical record and adhering to extra regulatory requirements.


FDA Update

New COPD treatment, warnings on insomnia and migraine drugs

New COPD treatment, warnings on insomnia and migraine drugs

By Stacey Butterfield

This regulatory update covers approval of a combined long-term maintenance treatment for chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, warnings against driving after taking insomnia drugs and on use of migraine drugs in pregnant women, and more.


College Watch

ACP members take the Hill to tackle SGR and sequestration

By Stacey Butterfield

Senators and representatives heard directly from ACP members about pressing priorities in health care.


Crossed Words

Bottoms up

ACP Internist’s puzzle feature challenges readers to seek answers to clues placed horizontally in rows to reveal an answer written vertically.


Test Yourself

From the MKSAP case studies

From the MKSAP case studies

A 67-year-old woman is evaluated for the abrupt onset of right-sided pleuritic chest pain and moderate dyspnea seemingly triggered by an episode of vigorous coughing during symptoms typical of an upper respiratory infection. She smokes and has COPD. On physical examination, she appears uncomfortable but is not in respiratory distress. Pulmonary examination is significant for a prolonged expiratory phase but no wheeze; breath sounds are symmetrical bilaterally. In addition to hospital admission, what is the most appropriate next step in management?


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