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ACP Internist - October 2011

Featured Articles

Sports Medicine

Sports internists treat players as patients

These internists turned their own athletic pursuits into careers for professional sports teams, treating high-caliber athletes as they practice and play. When working the sidelines, it's just another day not at the office.


Cardiovascular Disease

Managing the elderly with cardiovascular disease

As patients are living longer, they're seeking more care for their cardiovascular diseases, as well as the accompanying comorbidities such as diabetes. Effective therapy is possible in the older population, say the experts.


Military Medicine

Medical missions in Iraq help train next generation of doctors

U.S. military physicians are helping to train Iraq's next generation of doctors, as well as helping to restore an infrastructure smashed by decades of neglect, then combat.


Electronic Health Records

Government expert encourages transition to electronic records

Internist Farzad Mostashari, MD, takes over as the nation's “EHR czar,” through the office of the national coordinator for health information technology. He answers questions on the progress of this transition.


Physician Profile

Treating HIV, teaching trainees motivate this internist

Harvard Medical School's first African-American full professor, and Mass General's first African-American female professor, finds that mentoring and teaching are her greatest accomplishments.


FDA Update

New drugs approved for acute coronary syndromes, HIV

Recalls, warnings, approvals and other regulatory news.



Mindful Medicine

Thinking about our thinking as physicians

Cognitive errors have been the bane of making the right diagnosis. The final installment of the Mindful Medicine column reviews the past three years' discussions of traps and pitfalls that physicians must account for when presented with patients who aren't getting any better, often despite multiple encounters in the health care system.


President's Message

Electronic medical records have yet to fulfill their potential

An admittedly technophobic internist recounts her first day using an electronic health record. Her lesson learned: Internists must take control of their design and use to make the most of these new systems.


Washington Perspective

Mandated health care cuts don't equal health care reform

Automatic cuts mandated by the Budget Control Act of 2010 make it more likely that Congress will deadlock on thoughtful spending adjustments in favor of cuts to primary care education and training, or simply make across-the-board cuts to physician reimbursement, instead of looking at genuine ways to reduce health care spending.


Letter to the Editor

Malpractice suits are more than just a claim

Readers respond to ACP Internist's coverage.


Editor's Note

Internists as team physicians keep their heads in the game

An atypical career for internal medicine has led to championship moments for a few ACP members.


Practice Management

Practice Rx

Learn about potential auditors to avoid becoming a target

Four programs overlook a practice's billing and coding efforts, and each has its areas of emphasis. There are seven simple steps to follow that will help a practice avoid incurring an audit.



Why accessibility matters

When deciding on how satisfied they are with a practice, patients look foremost to how quickly they can be seen, and how they can reach a physician for after-hours problems. Eleven quick tips can strongly influence the quality of care and how it's perceived by the patient.


College News


A list of former ACP leaders who have passed.


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