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More booster authorizations, research on vaccine safety and uptake

The FDA and CDC endorsed boosters of the Johnson & Johnson and Moderna vaccines. Recent research showed that COVID-19 vaccination was not associated with miscarriage, and a small financial incentive for receiving a COVID-19 vaccine or providing transportation to a vaccination site increased uptake.

Adding nicotine replacement therapy to varenicline monotherapy didn't increase smoking cessation

In a randomized trial of 1,251 adults who smoked five or more cigarettes per day, neither varenicline plus a nicotine patch nor extended-duration treatment was superior to 12 weeks of varenicline monotherapy for abstinence.

MKSAP Quiz: Routine follow-up appointment with schizophrenia

A 56-year-old man is evaluated during a routine follow-up appointment. He has schizophrenia treated with olanzapine. Currently, the patient experiences no hallucinations or delusions. He is otherwise healthy. Following a physical exam, what should also be monitored in this patient?

Belimumab after rituximab reduced lupus activity, symptoms

The combination of drugs might be a viable treatment strategy for some patients with systemic lupus erythematosus, according to a small, randomized trial.

Register now for ACP's Internal Medicine Meeting 2022: Mastering Medicine Together

Internal medicine's most comprehensive educational event returns, in person, at Chicago's McCormick Convention Center, April 28 to 30. Virtual access will also be available.

ACP announces latest recipients of Mastership and National Awards

The Board of Regents recently approved the 2021-2022 recipients of Mastership and National Awards.

Put words in our mouth

ACP Internist Weekly wants readers to create captions for our new cartoon and help choose the winner. Pen the winning caption and win a $50 gift certificate good toward any ACP product, program, or service.