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Mammography may not benefit healthy women older than age 75

Researchers used Medicare data to examine eight-year follow-up of two screening strategies: continuing annual mammography after a certain age or ceasing to screen.

Cardiovascular events similar, adverse effects worse with chlorthalidone compared to hydrochlorothiazide

Chlorthalidone was associated with a significantly higher risk of hypokalemia, hyponatremia, acute renal failure, chronic kidney disease, type 2 diabetes, and abnormal weight gain.

MKSAP Quiz: 10-day history of abdominal cramping, diarrhea

A 36-year-old man is evaluated for a 10-day history of abdominal cramping, diarrhea, malaise, and nausea. Diarrhea is watery without mucus or blood. He recently returned from a trip to Lima, Peru. Following a physical exam and stool assay, what is the most appropriate treatment?

Intervention targeting clinicians did not increase anticoagulation use in patients with afib

Electronic messaging and academic detailing improved clinicians' comfort with prescribing anticoagulation in certain situations, but rates of appropriate anticoagulation for atrial fibrillation did not change significantly, a trial found.

New highlighting feature added to MKSAP 18 Digital and Complete versions

Users can highlight text or questions by clicking on the highlighting icon at the bottom of the screen and review highlights using the highlight index.

Explore new content, enhanced search functionality on ACP's Online Learning Center

The Online Learning Center is a centralized gateway to more than 350 online learning activities that are CME and MOC eligible, many of which are free to ACP members.

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