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Access to buprenorphine assessed by ‘secret shopper’ study

More than third of simulated patients who portrayed themselves as heroin users seeking treatment were unable to get an appointment with a buprenorphine prescriber, and access was even lower among those reporting Medicaid coverage.

ACP issues ethical guidance on responding to physician impairment

The position paper examines the professional duties and principles that should guide the response of colleagues and the profession.

MKSAP Quiz: Follow-up of progressive dyspnea

A 42-year-old man is evaluated in the office for follow-up of progressive dyspnea of 2 years' duration. He first noted dyspnea with exercise but now has symptoms when walking up a flight of stairs. Pulmonary function tests 2 years ago showed moderate airflow obstruction. He has no significant smoking history but a family history of emphysema. After physical examination and a chest radiograph, what is the most appropriate test to perform next?

Fasting may not be necessary before lipids testing, study finds

In this post hoc follow-up analysis of a randomized clinical trial, triglyceride levels were slightly higher in nonfasting samples than fasting samples, and cholesterol levels in both types of samples were similar.

New ACP Patient Priorities Care online curriculum focuses on patients' goals, preferences

Patient Priorities Care is an approach that focuses on aligning care with what matters most to the patient and is particularly well suited for older adults with multiple chronic conditions.

New Curbsiders podcast episodes: Telehealth, hip pain, and anaphylaxis

The Curbsiders, a podcast hosted by internists focusing on internal medicine-related topics, offers CME credit and MOC points to ACP members.

Put words in our mouth

ACP Internist Weekly wants readers to create captions for our new cartoon and help choose the winner. Pen the winning caption and win a $50 gift certificate good toward any ACP product, program, or service.