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Statins may be significantly overprescribed for primary prevention, computer model suggests

An analysis compared risk of drug-related events, including myopathy, hepatic dysfunction, and incident diabetes, to predicted cardiovascular benefit for men and women at various ages.

Expert panel recommends SGLT2 inhibitor or GLP-1 receptor agonist for patients with type 2 diabetes and CVD

The American College of Cardiology's new decision pathway also calls for repeated HbA1c screening and detailed clinician-patient risk discussions for patients with cardiovascular disease (CVD) who are diagnosed with type 2 diabetes.

MKSAP Quiz: 1-year history of progressive weakness

A 52-year-old man is evaluated for a 1-year history of progressive weakness that began as right foot drop and bilateral tingling in the feet. Within the past 2 months, the patient has developed progressive weakness, which makes walking difficult. Following a physical exam and other tests, what is the most likely diagnosis?

ACP analyzes, rates performance measures in 2019 CMS MIPS

Policymakers, physician organizations, and measure developers should encourage inclusion of measures rated as valid in accountability, payment, and reporting programs.

New ACP position paper details how patient-centered care can improve outcomes

A related ACP toolkit provides practical resources to help physicians implement ACP's principles for patient and family partnership in care in their practices.

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Users can personalize alerts by selecting specialties and clinical topics, choosing the rating threshold, and determining how often alerts are sent.

And the winner is …

ACP Internist Weekly has tallied the voting from its latest cartoon contest, where readers are invited to match wits against their peers to provide the most original and amusing caption.