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ACP reaffirms opposition to physician-assisted suicide

A position paper noted that although there are arguments on both sides, the arguments against legalization of physician-assisted suicide “remain the most compelling.”

New guideline on evaluating neck masses offers imaging, biopsy advice

Among other recommendations, clinicians should order neck CT or MRI with contrast in patients with a neck mass who are thought to be at increased risk for malignancy.

MKSAP quiz: Follow-up for hepatitis B

A 25-year-old man is evaluated in follow-up after recently testing positive for hepatitis B surface antigen. He underwent testing as part of the immigration process from Somalia. Two other siblings also have hepatitis B virus (HBV) infection. Following a physical exam, lab studies, and ultrasound, what is the most appropriate management?

At least 1 year of antidepressant therapy for patients with anxiety appears to lower relapse risk

Discontinuation of antidepressants within a year increased the odds of relapse, and time to relapse was shorter when antidepressants were discontinued rather than continued.

ACP supports updated naloxone guidance from AMA Opioid Task Force

The guidance encourages physicians to consider co-prescribing naloxone when it is clinically appropriate.

NFID releases toolkit to help clinicians discuss annual flu vaccinations

A toolkit on annual flu vaccinations includes a public service announcement video, fact sheet, infographic, customizable on-hold scripts, webinar, poster/handout, email template, and more.

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