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Specialization in medical education | ACP Internist

A letter to the editor addresses the primary care shortage in medical education.

Technology in medical education : ACP Internist

I was given the privilege of presenting the keynote talk at a faculty development session for the Indiana University School of Medicine Depa...

ACP Internist

The latest news, ideas and trends in internal medicine.

Old school medical education : ACP Internist

As I have the opportunity to give my talk titled, ”Learning How to Think like a Clinician,” many older physicians want to talk afterwards. U...

Measurement does not capture the culture of medical education : ACP Internist

While my career has included patient care, research and administration, I have always considered medical education my primary purpose. Havin...

Four Ts to transforming medical education: Trust, time, teams and technology : ACP Internist

I was able to reflect on the always jam-packed and inspiring Association of American Medical Colleges 2011 Meeting that took place in Denver...

Thinking, physiology and medical education : ACP Internist

I have written this many times. Medical students and residents want their educators to model the thought process. Yesterday I spent some tim...

The role of a lifetime in medical education | ACP Internist

Standardized patients are used during medical school to ensure physicians develop competencies in communication and physical examination skills.

Graduate Medical Education: successes despite challenges : ACP Internist

In a post a few days ago, Dr. J. Russell Strader, in a post entitled “Why graduate medical education is failing,” described concern over gr...

Graduate medical education and the new accreditation system | ACP Internist

Residency program directors serve an intimidating number of masters, leading them to worry about the “go-live” of the new accreditation system for graduate medical education.

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