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ACP revises advice on women's health | ACP Internist

New guidelines that change the recommendations for practices such as pelvic exams are leading to changes in the mindsets of physicians and patients.
September 2015

We've learned everything we need from the Women's Health Initiative, so enough already : ACP Internist

This is the study that doesn't end ... The long term follow up extends ... Some people started studying hormones in menopause, And they'll c...
April 2019

Harsh words, and women's health at risk : ACP Internist

I'll open with a confession. Women's health has never really been at the heart of Medical Lessons. Your author has, historically, relegated...
April 2019

More on mammography, breast cancer, misleading arguments, emotion and women's health : ACP Internist

After reading yet another op-ed by Dr. H. Gilbert Welch, citing (and breaking an embargo on) yet another, a misleading and manipulative tw...
April 2019

What defunding Planned Parenthood really means : ACP Internist

Planned Parenthood clinics have been a political football for over a decade. Planned Parenthood operates about 650 health centers across the...
April 2019

QD: News Every Day--Aspirin associated with lowered melanoma risk in observational study : ACP Internist

Women who take aspirin may have a reduced risk of developing melanoma, and the effect may increase the longer women take it, according to ob...
April 2019

Can we start using menopausal estrogen replacement again safely? : ACP Internist

Estrogen is a miracle drug for many women who experience the drenching sweats, sexual dysfunction and frustrating brain betrayals associated...
April 2019

Vitamins in a Nutshell : ACP Internist

This post by Davis Liu, MD, originally appeared at Better Health. Some patients love their vitamins, spending hundreds to thousands of d...
April 2019

Mammograms: find your sanity : ACP Internist

Fairly typical week in health news: Mammograms . The big story is that the American Cancer Society issued an updated guideline recommending...
April 2019

Rethink pink: breast cancer screening evidence met politics and lost : ACP Internist

The controversy started at exactly 5 p.m. Monday, when the Annals of Internal Medicine lifted its embargo on new breast cancer screening re...
April 2019

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