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May 2012 | ACP Internist

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QD: News Every Day--Travelers bring measles back to the U.S. : ACP Internist

Two separate incidents have prompted health officials to inoculate travelers and co-workers of people who brought active measles infections ...
April 2019

Pan-resistant NDM-containing K. pneumoniae lacking MCR-1 : ACP Internist

I wanted to let you know about a new case report in MMWR while simultaneously raising the MMWR Altmetric Score . Seriously, how can such ...
April 2019

Consider a Doctor Who's Not a "Preferred Provider" : ACP Internist

This post by Alan Dappen, MD appeared at Better Health. Dr. Dappen founded Doctalker Family Medicine, which is discussed in this article. ...
April 2019

Bed bug infestations can bring itchy, stressed patients | ACP Internist

A surge in bed bug infestations leads internists to look for warning signs: not just rashes, but recent travel, confirmation by an exterminator, and bullous reactions.
May 2012

QD: News Every Day--Five rare yet avoidable air travel health risks : ACP Internist

For those of you planning air travel to your next medical conference (and ACP Internist isn't too shameless to plug Internal Medicine 2011;...
April 2019

Airplane Medicine: What Happens When You Answer The Flight Attendant's Call For A Doctor : ACP Internist

This post by Liam Yore, MD, originally appeared at Better Health. Rounding at 37,000 Feet Anyone who has flown long-distance flights ha...
April 2019

Board of Governors announces Chair-elect candidates | ACP Internist

Two nominees seek election for the Board of Governors, with results of an online vote to be announced mid-October.
September 2012

Many malaria prophylaxis options, but none perfect | ACP Internist

Malaria research is turning from short-term prophylaxis for travelers to elimination and eradication. Drug costs and new ethics rules for research are key drivers of the new direction.
March 2012

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