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Hospitalist doesn't hold back on blog about rural medicine

Chan, a hospitalist in rural Northern California, has taken the conversation one step further on her blog, Rural Doctoring, by posting her monthly personal income and expenses online. ... Dr. Chan's openness is also evident in her “Rural
September 2008

Rural medicine in Idaho, Africa and elsewhere

I have done a little bit of rural medicine in Haiti, in Mexico and now a bit more in South Sudan. ... So … rural medicine is such a very different thing in different settings, and so incredibly important.
November 2021

Barefoot doctors

Barefoot doctors. The venerable New England Journal of Medicine published an opinion piece about why it's important for us to learn about the history and current practices of health care
November 2021

QD: News Every Day--Nurses tapped for more training, bigger role in health care

Recently, Colorado has looked at exempting certified registered nurse anesthetists from physician supervision to improve health care availability in rural areas. ... At issue is the amount of training they receive to handle complications, versus the
November 2021

QD: News Every Day--Rural hospital recruits doctors through leave for missionary work

QD: News Every Day--Rural hospital recruits doctors through leave for missionary work. ... Other programs across the country are fast-tracking medical students or providing real-life training environments to get the students to rural communities sooner.
November 2021

Defeating the implicit curriculum that discourages family medicine

Yet, when I started, we did not have many students enter family medicine. ... So I asked the family medicine department to reinvent the family medicine/rural medicine 8 week block.
November 2021

Robots bring care to remote places

That is where telehealth can play a huge role in bringing medicine to the people. . ... Many conditions can be managed well in the rural hospital with physician expertise to evaluate the patient and prescribe treatment.
November 2021

Rural nurse diagnoses and treats his own heart attack

Rural nurse diagnoses and treats his own heart attack. Here is a remarkable feel good story as reported in the letters section of The New England Journal of Medicine. ... It's such a great story and EverythingHealth hopes this guy goes on to help lots of
November 2021

QD: News Every Day--flu's growing tally

Philadelphia Inquirer, AP/The Washington Post). Evidence-based medicine. One path to less expensive health care is to look at the common tests and procedures that really don't work, or ... New York Times). In case you missed it. Rural Kentucky has high
November 2021

Old Fangak, South Sudan, bedside ultrasound and other stuff

do ultrasound to identify blood in the abdomen in patients with blunt trauma, and a nurse who will likely make international medicine her career and was an awesomely quick study. ... places, learn more about medicine and increase her knowledge base and
November 2021

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