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Improving rural health takes effort, energy

They also held support groups, some led by dietitians. The Records started their work in 1973, when Rural Health Associates (RHA), a new, innovative multispecialty group practice, gave them the opportunity ... Being shorthanded can short-circuit
September 2015

Targeting rural health scholars keeps doctors in Kansas

The Scholars in Rural Health program seeks to expose medical students to underserved areas, nurture a desire to practice primary care and offer incentives such as loan forgiveness. ... The medical school's Scholars in Rural Health program identifies
September 2010

QD: News Every Day--More students want medical degrees; more schools want to enroll them

More students are seeking medical degrees and more schools are ramping up to accommodate them, some with an eye toward rural health and other underserved populations.
January 2020

A medical merger of sorts

Osteopathic education also emphasizes rural health and community care. In states with strong osteopathic schools, like Oklahoma (where I practice), Iowa, and Michigan, DOs constitute about 20% of the physician population. ... Further, he stated,
January 2020

QD: News Every Day--public option unsettles Senators

Health care reform. The introduction of a public option has precariously shifted Senators' support. ... The National Center for Rural Health Works estimates that a rural hospital loses $236,565 from clinic visits and $451,169 net revenue for every
January 2020

QD: News Every Day--Doctors worn down, quitting from Medicare uncertainty

redefine health care payments for services delivered in areas of California that have rapidly urbanized, yet still get reimbursed under a lesser rural health care rate. ... Associated Press, Washington Post, Kaiser Health News). The delays and
January 2020

FDA UPDATE Recalls, warnings andlabel changes Label and packagingchanges ...

CMS finalized telehealth proposals todefine rural Health Professional ShortageAreas (HPSAs) as those located in rural cen-sus tracts as determined by the Office ofRural Health Policy (ORHP) and to establishand maintain ... It is also expected to help
January 2014

Rural medicine in Idaho, Africa and elsewhere

I have also worked in a rural health care system in Idaho for nearly 20 years. ... In the U.S., most rural health outposts are within an hour of a major medical center, either by ambulance or helicopter, so transfer to a high tech center is usually
January 2020

QD: News Every Day--Congress resumes 'doc fix' debate, but the damage is done

The others are in urgent care or community health clinics. The trend is national, especially in rural health care regions across the country, such as Alabama.
January 2020

Rural prevention efforts face specific hurdles

This issue covers topics such as programs that improve rural health, effective advance care planning, and new tools such as precision medicine in clinical medicine. ... Prevention efforts can be difficult to incorporate into primary care under the best
September 2015

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