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Automated texting after hospital stay associated with fewer returns to hospital

A cohort study found that ED visits and readmissions were less common among patients who received check-in texts from their primary care practice for 30 days postdischarge compared with those who did not.
1 Nov 2022

Primary care-staffed transition clinic may cut readmissions

A postdischarge transition clinic staffed by a primary care physician and other clinicians appeared to reduce readmission risk in a vulnerable patient population.
1 Jan 2016

Hospital readmission rates do not vary widely among primary care physicians

Among 4,230 primary care physicians in Texas, one had a 30-day readmission rate significantly higher than the mean of 12.9%, while none had a significantly lower rate.
21 May 2019

ACP policies target inequity to improve health

We must be intentional in our efforts to address the needs of individuals experiencing health care disparities and inequities based on social drivers of health.
1 Sep 2022

Lower glucose levels before hospital discharge associated with readmission, death in diabetes patients

Even near-normal glucose levels on the last day of hospitalization were associated with increased risk for readmission and postdischarge mortality, and these risks increased as patients' glucose levels decreased.
7 May 2019

Progress and limitations on vaccines, strokes and readmissions in COVID-19

A report warned that a few health care workers developed COVID-19 shortly after vaccination, and studies showed that strokes were rare in COVID-19 patients but readmissions could not be predicted easily.
9 Feb 2021

Smallest practices successfully preventing readmissions

More doctors in a practice can lead to higher hospital readmission rates, a study found. Small practices can take big steps in keeping their patients healthy after discharge.
1 Mar 2015

Hospital at home plus transition care reduced readmissions, improved patient satisfaction in a case-control study

The study included 295 patients treated under this hospital-at-home (HaH) model and a control group of 212 patients who met HaH eligibility but declined participation or were seen in the ED when an HaH admission could not be initiated.
26 Jun 2018

Migraine may be linked to perioperative stroke, hospital readmission

Use of high-dose vasopressors during surgery and history of a possible right-to-left shunt might be modifiable risk factors in patients who have migraine with aura, and close postoperative monitoring for early detection of stroke symptoms in high-risk patients is essential, researchers said.
24 Jan 2017

Cardiac rehab uptake remains low, despite benefits

Estimates from the American Heart Association suggest that only about 20% to 30% of eligible patients ever receive the intervention.
1 Mar 2022

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