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Primary care-staffed transition clinic may cut readmissions

They also compared 30-day readmissions between patients who completed a clinic appointment and those who completed a follow-up appointment with their PCPs. ... 8.7%; P=0.004). They noted no significant difference in 30-day readmissions between patients
January 2016

Transitions of care

In addition, they noted, worsening impairments after critical illness may also require hospital readmissions or long-term support services and further increase health care expenditures.
March 2022

Smallest practices successfully preventing readmissions More doctors in a practice can lead to higher hospital readmission rates, a study found.
March 2015

Perfecting the post-discharge visit

Burke wanted to get a better sense of whether that model of post-discharge care reduces readmissions. ... In the hernia repair group, early follow-up with a primary care clinician didn't make any difference in 30-day readmissions.
September 2015

With EHRs or paper, outpatient practices can improve safety The idea is evolving that improving transitions of care from hospital to outpatient settings reduces readmissions. ... Readmission studies have shown that in 30-day readmissions, half of the patients
May 2010

Changes, challenges in treating heart failure

The conclusion was that readmissions can be prevented with diligent, evidence-based primary care. ... The idea is to reduce or eliminate the avoidable readmissions and make better choices for the inevitable ones.
February 2016

Catch up on new COPD guidelines

Cho, noting that the most common readmission diagnoses are COPD, pneumonia, and congestive heart failure. ... However, there are some steps that physicians can take to try to combat readmissions.
June 2018

Unique state of payments as Maryland uses uniform prices

The first is on readmissions. Maryland has not performed well in the area of hospital readmissions. ... We have agreed to bring Maryland's readmission rate down to the national average within 5 years.
April 2014

Patients and families can help reinvent health care

Visiting policies and rounding practices at hospitals often limit patients' involvement in the care team, and patients and families are rarely involved in discussions about preventing readmissions by directly participating in
March 2013

In the News

Clopidogrel and proton pump inhibitors (PPIs) after acute coronary syndrome (ACS) may increase risk of death or readmission, leading some to suggest that it not be used for prophylaxis.
April 2009

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