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Providing long-term contraception

However, some clinics are starting to offer LARCs in primary care, including a procedure clinic at Brown, and Dr. ... An evaluation of contraceptive methods after implementation of a novel LARC program in a residency primary care clinic.
May 2022

Physician workforce

Turnover of U.S. primary care physicians (PCPs) for any reason results in approximately $979 million in excess health care expenditures for public and private payers annually, with $260 million attributable ... This added up to $260 million in excess
March 2022

QD: News Every Day--Primary care specialists least likely to choose career again, citing lifestyle

QD: News Every Day--Primary care specialists least likely to choose career again, citing lifestyle. ... A poll showed that 74% of physicians are happy with their choice of specialty and would choose it all over again, except for primary care specialties
May 2022

Atrial fibrillation In a randomized trial at 16 primary care clinics in Massachusetts, rates of new afib diagnosis at one year were ... Patients' primary care clinicians received the screening results and made all
March 2022

Looking at LARCs in primary care

They aren't often prescribed in primary care, but there are several reasons why experts think they should be. ... For example, patients may feel more at ease discussing contraceptive options with a clinician who knows them well, and offering LARCs at a
May 2022


Two studies assessed how the pandemic delayed primary care, and an international study tied lower infection rates to trust in government. ... Two recent studies looked at delays in primary care during the pandemic.
February 2022

Genomics will aid primary care, with primary care's help

Q: What role will primary care physicians play in the implementation of genomic advances in health care over the coming decades? ... A: Primary care providers are the front lines in what will have to be an integrated and collaborative model for using
April 2010

Managing DOACs in primary care Primary care physicians play a crucial role in ongoing anticoagulation management, including educating patients about the signs of venous ... thromboembolism. Direct oral
April 2022

ACP, agencies work to prioritize primary care

Will this approach lead to the sea change ACP has been seeking to support primary care? ... Plus (CPC+) program in 2017, and now the Primary Care First and Global and Professional Direct Contracting models.
November 2021

Education Participants who complete 49.5 hours of online coursework, group discussions, and a capstone project in either hospital medicine or primary ... ACP, in partnership with the American Association
May 2022

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