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Latest updates on ACP's priorities, initiatives

efforts to minimize the financial impact on the federal government of prescription drug misclassification in the Medicaid Drug Rebate Program, and. ... availability of accurate, understandable, and actionable information on the price of prescription
January 2020

QD: News Every Day--counting down to Thursday's summit

for prescription drug costs. ... Health Leaders Media, Reuters). In case you missed it. Drug companies contributed financial support to more than half the nation's internal medicine residency programs, even though three-quarters of residency
November 2020

Being a good doctor by working around prescription costs

Every day that I make rounds, we have discussions about prescription drug costs with the students and residents. ... We are all learning to become adept at finding low cost alternatives to high drug costs.
November 2020

What now for health care reform after a first try fails?

The bill would have repealed federal requirements that Medicaid and private health insurers cover 10 categories of essential benefits, like prescription drugs, maternity care, and physician and hospital visits. ... It should also work with us to tackle
May 2017

8 ways that members can guide College activities

The cost of prescription medications has reached a tipping point. As we know, our patients tell us daily about paying several hundred dollars per month for medication with no affordable alternatives, ... We all benefit from advances in basic science
March 2017

ACP Members push for change at Leadership Day

patients, 3) reducing prescription drug costs, 4) funding workforce, medical, and health services research and public health initiatives, 5) promoting continued efforts to address the epidemic of opioid misuse, 6) reducing ... have enjoyed bipartisan
July 2018

Former EVP/CEO reflects on his tenure at the College

escalating prescription drug costs. ... both better meets patients' needs and reduces the huge costs associated with hospitalization.
November 2016

Time to curb the rising costs of prescription drugs

We know that prescription drug costs are rising rapidly. According to data from CMS and from the IMS Institute for Healthcare Informatics, in 2013, prescription drug costs accounted for 9.3% ... In 2014, spending grew by 12.2% to $297 billion. The
October 2016

Health policy after the election

Rising and unsustainable prescription drug costs. Public opinion polls show that tackling the cost of prescription drugs is a top concern of voters, Republicans, Democrats, and independents alike. ... health care has steadily increased, as employers and
November 2016

Letters to the Editor

Veterans Administration's prescription drug costs, using a transparent formulary based on competitive pricing, with no PBM involvement, lower than others? ... There is a better way to control prescription drug costs: Everyone knows it and yet no one is
July 2008

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