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Current challenges in prescribing generics

And finally, a few research studies have shown room for improvement in physicians' prescribing of generics and patients' adherence to them. ... Their simple solution was to change the default setting in the electronic medical record, so that prescribing
March 2015

Saying no to generic doughnuts

According to the Medco press release, the company deals with the problem by offering their members forms to talk to their docs about prescribing generics. ... The real issue seems to be how do you convince them that generics are just as good as brand
October 2021

When is it sleep apnea? This issue covers topics including sleep apnea, prescribing generics, and hypertension. ... In our story, Stacey Butterfield delves into the reasons behind these issues and offers ways for physicians
March 2015

Do placebos have a place in clinical practice?

Physicians need to harness the power of this placebo effect, and exercise care when prescribing generics to patients, said Dr. ... Ariely, study co-author. “When physicians prescribe generics, they need to show excitement from it.
April 2009

Helping patients manage generic drug price increases

Generics that have been inexpensive for many years can suddenly see dramatic price increases for seemingly unknown reasons. ... Brayer said, stressing that this is a systemic issue. She advised several tricks for ensuring patients can afford their drugs,
September 2019

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