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Personalized medicine with a genomic twist Personalized medicine with a genomic twist. ... As a primary care provider, I am a bit skeptical of those who suggest that the concept of “personalized medicine” is new.
January 2008

Personalized medicine is the future

Personalized medicine is the future. Future doctors will celebrate that they no longer prescribe the same drug at the same dosage for hypertension or pneumonia or arthritis or cancer or many ... For example, a medicine for Alzheimer's disease will be
April 2022

Prostate screening gets personal

Personalized medicine, and thus the genuinely personal approaches to assessment and treatment of which it is comprised, is something quite different from any one-size-fits-all procedure. ... The hope is that a truly “personalized medicine” approach
April 2022

Genomics impacts everyday practices in unexpected ways

The recent hospitalization of a relative gives me confidence that we are, indeed, taking small steps toward genuinely personalized medicine. ... Likely none of the individual care-givers even realized that they had delivered personalized medicine.
July 2009

Personalizing medicine, past reductionism

Personalizing medicine, past reductionism. Personalizing medicine is among the salient themes of modern advance, and clearly among the more widely captivating. ... I fully appreciate the potential power, much of it still inchoate, of personalized medicine
April 2022

Different patients, different doses

The growing trend toward personalized medicine may offer opportunities for physicians to better tailor the dosages of some of their most commonly recommended or prescribed medications. ... Individuals with CYP2C8 and CYP2C9 reduced metabolism haplotypes
May 2019

Genes, environment hold the keys to healthy aging

Dr. Perls, a professor of medicine and geriatrician at Boston University School of Medicine and Boston Medical Center in Boston, is the founding director of the New England Centenarian Study, which ... Another relates to the growing field of personal
May 2017

Medicine for another day

The new therapy is perhaps the epitome of “personalized“ medicine. It extracts a variety of white blood cells called T cells from an individual patient, and engineers a genetic adjustment so ... But we needn't wait for this new era in medicine; it
April 2022

Colorectal screening methods debated

Imperiale said. “We are in the era of personalized medicine, are we not?”. ... years. The guidance statement appeared in the March 6, 2012, Annals of Internal Medicine and can be accessed online.
June 2016

Microscopic genes affected by macroeconomic events

In an era of personalized care, technology, biology and business intersect in novel ways. ... Recently, I had the pleasure to participate in the annual Personalized Medicine Conference (PMC) at Harvard Medical School.
March 2012

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