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Moving toward patient-centered care

Key features of a patient-centered practice include improvements in the following broad areas:. ... Patient-centered care and communication. Does your practice communicate effectively, including overcoming barriers to language, culture and learning, so
February 2010

Calling it 'patient-centered care' doesn't solve the problem

Calling it 'patient-centered care' doesn't solve the problem. The previous orthodoxy was paternalism. ... Calling it "patient-centered care" solves none of these issues. What might help is to provide an instrument, like a survey, to a doctor before a
September 2019

Patient-centered care

What does good care look like? More specifically, is good care the same thing as patient-centered care? ... So what is true patient-centered care? I think there are two main things that define patient-centeredness in care:.
September 2019

The great things about patient-centered care in America

The great things about patient-centered care in America. As part of the increasing push for health care quality improvement, a lot of energy is being focused on improving our communication ... with patients and making sure that patient-centered care is
September 2019

Palliative care's place in noncancer morbidity | Internal Medicine Meeting 2019 News | ACP Internist

Hutchinson said.“ It's really just good, patient-centered care, and it's beneficial throughout the disease trajectory.”. ... The longer the duration of the patient-physician relationship, the greater the overestimate.“ It's a statement of how much
April 2019

E-mailing with patients can improve patient-centered care

Technological advances are also patient communication and satisfaction measures, helping people arrange appointments, review test results and receive medical advice. ... This column is the fourth in our series“ The Patient's Voice,” developed with
November 2013

Moronic morsels

If you have had enough of this nonsense, here is what I think we truly do know about the basic care and feeding of Homo sapiens, both for losing weight, and ... patient-centered care.
September 2019

Patient-centered care, part 1

Patient-centered care, part 1. Three (and a half) years ago, when I left my old practice, I was near burnout. ... A good idea of what truly patient-centered care looks like simply cannot grow within of such a system.
September 2019

How do we make sure health care is patient-centered?

Rather, I would hope that patient-centered care is a sufficient end in itself. ... Doctors practicing patient-centered care have systems in place to continually measure patient perceptions.
September 2019

Salt in the wound

For another thing, we seem to prefer hopeless befuddlement about everything having to do with the basic care and feeding of Homo sapiens. ... patient-centered care.
September 2019

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