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Moving toward patient-centered care | ACP Internist

Practice not currently considering the patient-centered medical home model can still position themselves for an eventual transition if and when the idea comes of age.

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The latest news, ideas and trends in internal medicine.

When does patient-centered communication not lead to patient-centered care? : ACP Internist

How do we make patient centered care happen? One way is to ensure that both patient and doctor are using good communication practices on a f...

Calling it 'patient-centered care' doesn't solve the problem : ACP Internist

The previous orthodoxy was paternalism. It's my way, says the doctor, or the highway. The current orthodoxy, not stable yet but rapidly deve...

Patient-centered care : ACP Internist

My last post discussed the wide gulf between health care and the rest of the world in the area of customer service. To sum up what took over...

The great things about patient-centered care in America : ACP Internist

As part of the increasing push for health care quality improvement, a lot of energy is being focused on improving our communication with pat...

Moronic morsels : ACP Internist

There is, clearly and unquestionably ( provided all relevant questions are assiduously ignored ) just one thing wrong with our diets today ...

Practice Tips Archives | ACP Internist

ACP Internist provides news and information for internal medicine physicians about the practice of medicine and reports on the policies, products, and activities of ACP.

E-mailing with patients can improve patient-centered care | ACP Internist

Technological advances are also patient communication and satisfaction measures, helping people arrange appointments, review test results and receive medical advice.

Ode to the bulletproof : ACP Internist

I am a specialist in “preventive” medicine. My career has been all about leveraging the many means at our disposal to add years to lives and...

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