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New ACP position paper details how patient-centered care can improve outcomes

A related ACP toolkit provides practical resources to help physicians implement ACP's principles for patient and family partnership in care in their practices.
4 Dec 2018

Better care for patients with disability

Physicians report lacking knowledge about their legal responsibilities under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and may not be confident about their ability to provide the same quality of care to patients with disability as they do to those without it.
1 Jun 2022

Are patient portals a gateway or barrier to patient-centered care and communication?

Yul Ejnes, MD, MACP, a past chair of ACP's Board of Regents, a practicing internist in Cranston, R.I., and a member of ACP Internist's editorial board, continues his monthly column at
19 Aug 2014

Stories to change clinicians' views of substance use

A randomized clinical trial looked at the effects of a visual campaign and a narrative vignette on stigmas surrounding opioid use disorder.
1 Jun 2022

Moving toward patient-centered care

Practice not currently considering the patient-centered medical home model can still position themselves for an eventual transition if and when the idea comes of age.
1 Feb 2010

Scientific statement addresses primary care's role in poststroke care

Effective communication by primary care clinicians can improve adherence to necessary interventions after stroke, boost patient motivation, and reduce barriers to care, the American Heart Association and American Stroke Association advised.
27 Jul 2021

E-mailing with patients can improve patient-centered care

Technological advances are also patient communication and satisfaction measures, helping people arrange appointments, review test results and receive medical advice.
1 Nov 2013

ACP recommends caution in the use of patient-reported outcome-based performance measures

Data are needed to demonstrate that patient-reported outcome-based performance measures improve quality of care and are an effective tool to accurately compare physician performance, a new paper said.
11 May 2021

Working toward fundamental change

ACP engages in a significant number of efforts on its own and with external organizations to help move the health care system to one that better addresses its vision for better health care.
1 Apr 2022

New ACP Patient Priorities Care online curriculum focuses on patients' goals, preferences

Patient Priorities Care is an approach that focuses on aligning care with what matters most to the patient and is particularly well suited for older adults with multiple chronic conditions.
4 Jun 2019

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