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Patient satisfaction

Denied requests for antibiotics, radiology tests, or other tests were not significantly associated with lower patient satisfaction. ... Limitations of the study include its single-center design and unmeasured contextual factors that may have influenced
December 2017


Practices also said that patient satisfaction had a small role in physician compensation. ... For primary care physicians, the percentage of compensation tied to patient satisfaction increased slightly, while specialists reported that an average of 2.31%
July 2014

Scribes: A write way and a wrong way

At least in the sensitive environment of a urology visit, patient satisfaction doesn't appear to significantly decline if a scribe is present, according to a study involving five academic urologists, ... Patient comfort appeared high, with 93% of those
February 2012

Models of care

A trial that bundled hospital-at-home (HaH) care with 30 days of postacute transitional care found shorter lengths of stay, fewer readmissions, and higher patient satisfaction compared to usual hospital
June 2018

If you can't make the wait shorter, make the waiting room nicer

Making waiting rooms more like living rooms is one way to increase patient satisfaction and reduce frustration with delays. ... But making waiting rooms more like living rooms is one way to increase patient satisfaction and reduce frustration with delays,
February 2009

What's new in other College publications

As patient satisfaction begins to take a more prominent place in health care and quality measurement, some worry that hospitals' standard patient satisfaction surveys don't do a good enough job ... This could become problematic if patient satisfaction
July 2008


Secondary outcomes included patient satisfaction as determined by the Patient's Satisfaction Questionnaire, measurement adherence, all-cause mortality, and hospitalizations for nonfatal adverse cardiac events. ... The study authors noted that electronic
April 2020

Hire NPs, PAs to boost revenue, accessibility A dependent practitioner can increase a practice's accessibility, productivity and revenue while contributing to quality and patient satisfaction##mdash;and at half ... A PA or NP can increase
April 2010

Patient satisfaction

When asked to identify factors that were very important in selecting a physician, more U.S. adults ages 50 to 80 years chose online ratings or reviews than where the physician trained or attended medical school.
April 2021

Benefits of clearly defining value in patient care

At the same time, enabled by digital technology and marked by shared decision making, patient engagement, precision medicine, and patient satisfaction, the movement toward more patient-centered care conveys the need ... also result in low patient
November 2015

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