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When physicians have to say no: Does patient satisfaction suffer?

When physicians have to say no: Does patient satisfaction suffer? The short answer: No. ... I would too given the way most health care providers go about measuring and interpreting patient satisfaction data.
June 2020

Improve your patient satisfaction scores for free!

Improve your patient satisfaction scores for free! I was going to call this post "ways to be nicer to patients" but we all know nicety is not nearly as compelling a ... So, some quick tips from Meryl Luallin, a consultant and secret-shopper patient who
June 2020

On patient satisfaction and the consumer era of medicine

In March they published a study of patient satisfaction and its association with health care utilization, expenditures, and outcomes including death. ... Essentially, they found a statistically significant association between increased patient
June 2020

Scribes: A write way and a wrong way

At least in the sensitive environment of a urology visit, patient satisfaction doesn't appear to significantly decline if a scribe is present, according to a study involving five academic urologists, ... Patient comfort appeared high, with 93% of those
February 2012

ACP releases survey results about telehealth technology availability, use among internists | Internal Medicine Meeting 2019 News | ACP Internist

ACP recognizes that telehealth technologies have the potential to improve access for patients, enhance patient-physician collaboration, improve health outcomes, increase patient satisfaction, and reduce medical costs,” said ACP President Ana
April 2019

Sit down, stay awhile

Furthermore, when patients were asked about the interaction, "The ones who saw the seated doctor 'expressed greater satisfaction and a better sense of understanding of their condition,' than those who saw
June 2020

Transparency 2.0

Transparency 2.0. I had the opportunity recently to speak about our practice of posting patient comments and survey scores on our physicians' web pages. ... The conference at which I presented was devoted to “transparency and innovation” and it
June 2020

Wallet X-ray

And it implies that if you're not a grateful patient, or in financial position to be one, that you may wind up getting a bit less … er, attention? ... Dr. Schumann is a general internist. His blog, GlassHospital, seeks to bring transparency to medical
June 2020

Visiting the dark side at MGMA

First, a hospital exec who was trying to up his patient satisfaction scores explained how his organization told their docs to improve patient contact by thinking about "how you would do ... things differently if you valued the person in front of you."
June 2020

Why can't satisfaction surveys just keep it short and sweet?

Why can't satisfaction surveys just keep it short and sweet? Customer satisfaction surveys are all the rage these days in every industry. ... Health care is a late entry into this arena, as reimbursements have only relatively recently started being tied
June 2020

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