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Options vary for acute pain management

This issue covers guidelines on chronic pain, the utility of the bedside exam, and a new shingles vaccination. ... There is no shortage of guidelines on management of chronic pain, especially given the nation's opioid crisis, but acute pain can be more
February 2018

It's a start

physicians was trained to eradicate pain aggressively. I recall being taught that aggressive pain management was an essential element of good patient care, and that it had a low likelihood of ... CMS got into the act by including questions about pain
August 2019

The hold over

He'd been in a fender bender 2 or 3 years before and had complained of back pain ever since. ... But please, let's talk about another way we can address your pain, okay?
August 2019

A suffering man

This pain did not resolve with nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. He had to stop working. ... Over the next months he developed more pain including his shoulders and hips.
August 2019

Birds of a feather

I don't believe chiropractors are qualified to treat anything, but they're best known for back pain.
August 2019

Solid reporting on 'liquid gold'

unabated. In this new piece, Schulte and Lucas do an expose on an outfit called Comprehensive Pain Specialists, a physician-owned outpatient pain management practice with 54 clinics across 10 states ... sold on the street). 2. Make sure patients AREN’T
August 2019

My turning point

I couldn’t lie down in bed, and I could barely move my arm without significant pain. ... What is wrong with me? Am I a wimp? Am I really feeling this much pain?
August 2019

QD: News Every Day--Opioid-related adverse events cost hospitals $1,000, add one day to stays

The data were presented in collaboration with Premier Research Services, which supplied the data, and funded by Pacira Pharmaceuticals, Inc., a manufacturer of postsurgical pain management products. ... A researcher from the study said in a press release
August 2019

The symptom or the problem?

The symptom or the problem? "I don't know if I want to take this pain medicine," people have told me more than once. ... If we can determine that someone's lower back pain is not dangerous, but (as in most cases) we will never figure out to what specific
August 2019

Managing pain in primary care: moving beyond the rock and the hard place

Moreover, the consultative and drug monitoring aspect of pain management is not nearly as lucrative as the procedural aspect of pain management. ... For more information on chronic pain management I found the following site particularly informative:.
August 2019

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