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Osteoarthritis can ease with easy changes

But the optimal regimen, which emphasizes nonpharmacological measures to start, can still help patients achieve notable relief, according to osteoarthritis experts. ... All of the studies that were done with exercise in osteoarthritis were done with
May 2021

QD: News Every Day--No benefit to knee surgery for meniscal tears without osteoarthritis

QD: News Every Day--No benefit to knee surgery for meniscal tears without osteoarthritis. ... Moderate evidence suggests that there is no benefit to arthroscopic meniscal debridement for degenerative meniscal tears compared to nonoperative or sham
May 2022

Early interventions overlooked in OA

Osteoarthritis of the hands with joint space narrowing and osteophytes. American College of Physicians. ... But an X-ray can reveal the bony growths associated with osteoarthritis, Drs.
May 2013


Though mild enough to not warrant joint replacement, the osteoarthritis in her hip was significant enough to cause her to use that walking stick for assistance in her ambulation.
May 2022

4 steps to managing osteoarthritis pain in the elderly

There is a 4-step process for managing osteoarthritis pain in elderly patients, Carla R. ... The fourth and final step in management of osteoarthritis pain is use of pharmacologic options, Dr.
July 2016

QD: News Every Day--Weight loss may be independent factor in lessening knee arthritis pain

responses of nearly 4,800 people who were part of the Osteoarthritis Initiative. ... It adds the conclusion that this occurs independently of other factors, such as osteoarthritis severity.
May 2022

Earlier recognition may help outcomes in osteoarthritis

Osteoarthritis affects millions of Americans, but effective treatments for advanced disease continue to be limited. ... The Chronic Osteoarthritis Management Initiative, which ACP supports, is looking to change that by encouraging primary care physicians
May 2013

QD: News Every Day--Therapy for painful hip arthritis may be no better than sham treatment

with hip pain levels of 40 or higher on a visual analog scale of 100 mm and hip osteoarthritis confirmed by radiograph. ... The results raise questions about the importance of physical therapy for painful hip osteoarthritis, the researchers wrote.
May 2022

QD: News Every Day--One-third of knee replacements may be inappropriate

a multicenter, prospective, 5-year longitudinal study of persons with or at high risk for knee osteoarthritis (OA). ... TKA patients’ characteristics exists, particularly with regard to knee pain, OA severity and extent.
May 2022

MKSAP quiz: Woman complains of joint pain and stiffness

Double-blind, placebo-controlled trials have shown that acetaminophen effectively manages symptoms of osteoarthritis in many patients. ... Etanercept is an appropriate therapy for the management of patients with rheumatoid arthritis but is not indicated
May 2009

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