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ACP, Annals of Internal Medicine host forum on overweight and obesity

A full recording of “Overweight and Obesity: Current Clinical Challenges” is available online.
14 Mar 2023

Weighing options for mid-life women

Talking about diet and exercise habits in mid-life can help guard against incremental weight gain.
1 Feb 2023

Register now for ACP's and Annals of Internal Medicine's forum on overweight and obesity

During the virtual live event “Overweight and Obesity: Current Clinical Challenges” on March 8, a panel of experts will discuss the treatment of patients struggling with health complications associated with overweight and obesity.
28 Feb 2023

Overweight, obesity poorly managed in type 1 diabetes

While U.S. adults with type 1 diabetes have rates of overweight and obesity virtually identical to those in the general adult population, only about 50% received lifestyle recommendations for weight management from clinicians or tried lifestyle modifications.
14 Feb 2023

‘Getting back to normal’ at Internal Medicine Meeting 2023

The meeting will be held April 27-29 in San Diego and virtually, with in-person precourses offered on April 25-26.
1 Mar 2023

Room for improvement in clinicians' weight-loss advice for patients with obesity, study finds

An analysis of audio recordings of consultations from the Brief Interventions for Weight Loss trial found that primary care clinicians who were trained to provide weight-loss advice in around 30 seconds commonly advised a general “Eat less, do more” approach.
20 Dec 2022

Getting to know GLP-1 receptor agonists

Choosing among glucagon-like peptide-1 (GLP-1) receptor agonists depends on many factors, such as the desired outcome and individual risks among patients.
1 Mar 2023

Obesity prevalence varies significantly among Asian American subgroups

Overall, Asian Americans had a 11.7% obesity prevalence, but rates varied from as high as 16.8% in Filipino Americans and 15.3% in Japanese Americans to 6.5% in Chinese Americans and 6.3% in Vietnamese Americans.
4 Oct 2022

Understand obesity before treating it

The central nervous system regulates a person's weight, with many variables in play, and both internal and external factors can increase or decrease calorie intake and expenditure.
1 Jun 2021

New guideline targets preventing obesity in midlife women

A guideline from the Women's Preventive Services Initiative recommends physicians counsel women ages 40 to 60 years about healthy eating and physical activity to maintain weight or prevent weight gain.
2 Aug 2022

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