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Tips on transforming practices to fit changing models of care

But they offered a host of advice on how physicians can help their practices and patients succeed under new models of care. ... Epperly said. One significant way that the new model of care differs from the old is the need to engage patients between visits
January 2014

QD: News Every Day--SGIM commission recommends payment reforms

The recommendations included a call for a "transition to an approach based on quality and value," to be accomplished by testing new models of care over five years and then incorporating ... As we transition to various forms of blended physician payment,
November 2020

QD: News Every Day--Pharmacists may be effective in reducing inappropriate benzodiazepine use

To compare the effect of a direct-to-consumer educational intervention against usual care on benzodiazepine therapy discontinuation in community-dwelling older adults, 30 community pharmacies in Quebec, Canada were randomized ... With the expanding scope
November 2020

Two conversations about health care

models of health care, including the Medical Home and Accountable Care Organizations, neither of which have yet to materialize as answers for doctors like me. ... Or, do we jump ship and force change by creating new models of care, ones that patients are
November 2020

Breaking barriers to buprenorphine

It's not difficult. You're internal medicine. You take care of really complex people. ... It actually made the experience of prescribing Suboxone in the primary care setting far easier,” Dr.
September 2018

Clarity of vision sets the stage for ACP's work

New goals include advocating for further changes to Maintenance of Certification and helping physicians transition to new models of care delivery. ... New models of care delivery will continue to evolve over the next 5 to 10 years.
May 2016

Internists should pursue innovative practice models

All models of care are represented, including small practices, large academic medical centers, a health maintenance organization, a public hospital, and federally qualified community health centers. ... The delivery system matters, and we need to be
March 2013

New modalities may extend treatment for insomnia

Manber said. Hybrid models of care may be one way to help tailor CBTI to the individual patient. ... Dr. Manber and her colleagues are studying stepped-care approaches that utilize digital and therapist delivery of CBTI at Stanford.
November 2020

Building the medical home starts in school

The changes resulted in teamwork, continuity of care, and more intense clinical rotations. ... Shipman. “The biggest concern I have is that the power of inertia will make it difficult for programs to adopt significant changes toward new models of
November 2011

AMA's immediate past president reflects on medicine's future

We've spent a lot of time looking at the models of care delivery, such as patient-centered medical homes and accountable care organizations, as well as others more conducive to ... We are looking at these models of care: Are they working?
October 2014

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