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Tiny ticks, big myths: Lyme disease pearls

Six easy pearls can help with the growing and controversial elements of treating Lyme disease. ... Gluckman said. Pearl No. 2: There is no diagnostic test for Lyme disease.
June 2017

Update for Lyme disease

Update for Lyme disease. Lyme disease is probably the most common tick-borne illness in the U.S., and the best understood. ... There is a great deal of controversy surrounding this“ post-treatment” or“ chronic” Lyme disease.
September 2019

Santa's reindeer quarantined over Lyme disease fears

24 and the possibility of causing a global Lyme disease pandemic should they cross international borders. ... The issue has created considerable response, though, for fears of widespread Lyme disease infection.
September 2019

In defense of aging

There's the chronic Lyme disease quackery, the intravenous vitamins quackery, and the homeopathic herbalist quackery.
September 2019

It's my opinion that this treatment won't kill you directly, so …

Iowa recently passed a law that allows physicians to“ expand upon the traditional standards of care for Lyme patients”, provided they get informed consent from the patient and provided that“ in ... As more states pass laws that protect health care
September 2019

Think like a doctor, part III

If a practitioner claims to have special tests that no one else has access to, such as mouth swabs for toxins or special tests for Lyme disease, something is fishy. ... This is an old rule, but useful. If some drug or procedure really makes you live
September 2019

INTERNAL MEDICINE ■ Express personal regret and apolo-gize; ■ ...

The skin lesion shown is consistentwith erythema migrans, and oral doxycy-cline should be started immediately.Erythema migrans may be due to eitherearly localized Lyme disease or Southerntick–associated rash illness. ... Intravenous ceftriaxone is
May 2014

MKSAP Quiz: Evaluation for a skin eruption

STARI also presents as erythema migrans and can be identical to Lyme disease. ... Babesiosis is a parasitic disease that is spread by the same tick as Lyme disease but does not cause erythema migrans.
October 2016

QD: News Every Day--Ticks tested as a way to detect persistent Lyme disease

QD: News Every Day--Ticks tested as a way to detect persistent Lyme disease. ... Researchers wrote,“ Our initial results show that the majority of the patients with Lyme disease treated with antibiotic therapy are negative by xenodiagnosis.
September 2019

The vaccine that went away.

The IDSA session "Why is there no vaccine for Lyme disease?" bucked that trend. ... Parts of the U.S. (like the Northeast) have a high prevalence of Lyme disease and residents who could benefit from a vaccine.
September 2019

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