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Preventive care Campaigns for improvement should target primary care clinicians to increase awareness of the benefits of lung cancer screening, the authors noted. ... They noted that their analysis also revealed
August 2021

Lung cancer screening guideline debated

Profit-seekers jumped on lung cancer screening before any guidelines recommended it, Dr. ... All of the experts would like to see additional evidence about the effects of lung cancer screening.
March 2014

Lung cancer

To evaluate early use of lung cancer screening in this population, researchers used Medicare fee-for-service claims for lung cancer screening between Jan. ... Newer data have suggested increasing lung cancer screening utilization in more recent years,
June 2020

Lung cancer

The U.S. Preventive Services Task Force (USPSTF) recently expanded its recommendation to call for annual lung cancer screening of more patients. ... Several mentioned the potential of the expanded recommendation to reduce existing inequities in lung
March 2021

Lung screening's benefits, challenges

New criteria for lung cancer screening have widened the pool of eligible patients and may improve survival rates and decrease disparities. ... the first author on a meta-analysis of seven studies examining racial differences in adherence to lung cancer
March 2022

Lung cancer

Low-dose CT has high sensitivity and reasonable specificity for the detection of lung cancer, with demonstrated benefit in screening persons at high risk, the draft recommendation stated. ... To be consistent with the USPSTF recommendation on counseling
July 2020

Lung cancer screening

A visit for counseling and shared decision-making on the benefits and risks of lung cancer screening will also be covered. ... ACP Internistcovered the debate over lung cancer screening in March 2014.
February 2015

Lung cancer

Preventive Services Task Force, a study found. Selecting candidates for lung cancer screening based on gains in life expectancy could maximize the benefits and minimize the harms of screening programs in ... These models can greatly improve our ability
October 2019

Letters to the Editor

Charlotte Huff's front-page article in the March 2022 ACP Internist (“Lung screening's benefits, challenges”) provided an excellent review of the clinical utility of lung cancer screening, as well ... As the American College of Radiology notes in a
May 2022

Cancer screening

Four risk prediction models have been shown to be most accurate for selecting the highest-risk patients who have ever smoked for lung cancer screening, a study found. ... These findings could be used in future guidelines to recommend risk models for lung
May 2018

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