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Letter to the Editor

I've always believed that patients should have the right to make medical decisions about their own lives. ... But 2 major concerns have combined to change my opinion about remaining the doctor for patients who refuse to follow my advice.
May 2014

Letter to the Editor

to point out until late in the piece the easiest and least expensive way to diagnose it—examine the patient. ... As a matter of fact, if the patient has good-quality pedal pulses it is unlikely that those above will be impaired; they need to be
May 2011

Letter to the editor: politics and patient care

to go to the hospital to care for the patient with sudden critical illness. ... That illness, and the doctor's struggle to help, is not caused by global warming at all.
June 2017

Letter to the Editor

Regarding the article “War dilemmas put medical ethics under fire” (ACP Internist, July/Aug 2008), the two cases presented should not pose ethical dilemmas to any physician. ... back to yard, to hospital etc., using best medical practices and
September 2008

Letters to the Editor

How would Dr. Baron respond to the increasing evidence that MOC is detested by those forced to participate? ... Dr. Baron's predecessor at ABIM, Christine K. Cassel, MD, MACP, stated in a 2012 letter to the editor in the Journal of the American Medical
September 2013

Health care regulations gone wild

Health care regulations gone wild. We certainly have seen regulations upon regulations appear for health care over the past several years, and this letter to the editor of the Wall Street ... Nord, should cause us all to pause: "As a commissioner at the U
January 2020

Letter to the Editor

Dr. Cooke refers to as our “social contract” with patients. Maintaining our certification reflects a commitment to our patients and to the profession that we know what we need to know ... Cooke emphasizes the need for physicians to receive feedback
January 2014

Maintenance of Certification and quality: There are two sides

This was summarized in my Annals of Internal Medicine letter to the editor earlier in 2012. ... So what do you think about the process of MOC as a way for the ABMS to hold physicians to a standard acceptable to the public?
January 2020

When will the p-value finally die?

Below, I've posted a letter to the editor by Professor Rothman and colleagues that he recently circulated. ... Members of the American College of Physicians contribute posts from their own sites to ACP Internist.
January 2020

Is this about doctors or patients?

I was, however, struck by the subsequent letter to the editor by Malcolm Reid, the president of the Medical Society of the State of New York. ... patients we serve, and not on the basis of what it provides to the doctors who care for them.
January 2020

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