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Hepatitis C drugs offer new options

Internists should also check whether hepatitis C has already damaged the patient's liver. ... Koff. Coverage restrictions may also limit internists' ability to provide hepatitis C treatment.
January 2015

Nearing a cure for hepatitis C

Therapy for Hepatitis C — The Costs of Success (NEJM editorial, by subscription only). ... Therapy of Hepatitis C — Back to the Future (NEJM editorial, free without subscription.
May 2022

Hepatitis C - silent killer or innocent bystander?

Hepatitis C - silent killer or innocent bystander? For a few decades, I did not treat patients with hepatitis C (HCV) infection, despite aggressive marketing by the pharmaceutical companies and cheerleading by
May 2022

Hints for preventive care in inflammatory bowel disease | Internal Medicine Meeting 2019 News | ACP Internist

Hepatitis B status should be checked before beginning anti-tumor necrosis factor (TNF) therapy, which is associated with fulminant hepatitis B, Dr.
April 2019

Be proactive about managing hepatitis B

These include hepatitis B e-antigen, e-antibody, and a viral DNA test. ... Guidelines for the Prevention, Care and Treatment of Persons with Chronic Hepatitis B Infection.
April 2018

Overcoming drug addiction solo: A mother finds strength

Overcoming drug addiction solo: A mother finds strength. Recently, I saw a young woman referred to me for an opinion on her hepatitis C infection. ... She also made a more unwise decision and shared needles. She is fortunate that the only virus she
May 2022

Stopping the spread of disease, overdose deaths from opioid use

Paralleling this trend is the increase in HIV and hepatitis C infections spreading through injection drug use. ... In southern Indiana and adjacent Kentucky, HIV and hepatitis cases have soared due to injection drug use.
May 2022

The yearly physical

It would be good to measure blood pressure or screen for HIV or hepatitis C for people at risk.
May 2022

Is hepatitis C treatment cost-effective?

Is hepatitis C treatment cost-effective? One catch phrase in health care reform is cost-effectiveness. ... That's billion with a “B.”. Consider these facts before deciding if hepatitis C treatment is cost-effective. •
May 2022

Primary care integral to new national viral hepatitis action plan

protecting patients and workers from health care-associated viral hepatitis. Many clinicians have applauded the initiative. ... And it highlights that patients don't carry badges saying that they have viral hepatitis.
September 2011

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