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Health policy after the election

The 2016 elections will have huge consequences for health policy. ... The 2016 elections on Nov. 8 will have huge consequences for health policy.
November 2016

Health policy catfight

Health policy catfight. The New York Times featured a front page story about squabbles between the Obama Administration and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). ... There's Nancy-Ann Min DeParle, White House policy adviser and point person on the
July 2020

There are still other health policy issues.

There are still other health policy issues. With the media and political attention focused on the health insurance coverage debate, it may be hard to get anyone in the U.S. ... to think about other policy issues that affect health. But a group of
July 2020

QD: News Every Day--Health politics becomes health policy

QD: News Every Day--Health politics becomes health policy. ACP Internist's wrap-up of current events turns its attention toward health care reform, and how health care policy translates into ... population. (The Arizona Republic). Physicians aren't
July 2020

ACA, firearms among advocacy hot topics for ACP | Internal Medicine Meeting 2019 News | ACP Internist

Thursday's “Special Report on Hot Issues in Health Policy” began with an issue that has retained its heat for a surprisingly long time. ... Gun control is an even longer-standing health policy issue that has recently heated up.
April 2019

Over and out

Dr. Emanuel is a prominent academic who has also held important positions in government, including as a Special Advisor on Health Policy to the Director of the Office of Management and ... Done. Whatever happens after that, well, so be it. He is quick
July 2020

Obama should read the NEJM

If there's a health policy analyst out there who hasn't thrown her 2 cents in yet, I'd be surprised. ... They analyze the last successful piece of federal health reform--the creation of Medicare.
July 2020

Getting there

What do you think? Ira S. Nash, MD, FACP, is the senior vice president and executive director of Northwell Health Physician Partners, and a professor of cardiology and professor of occupational ... He then held a number of senior positions at Mount Sinai
July 2020

Clamoring for CLAMBI

Last month we blogged on updated National Healthcare Safety Network surveillance definitions and we bemoaned the fact that central line ass...
July 2020

The eroding 'doctor' label

Is that a good thing? Honestly, I'm not sure. No one argues that the costs in health care need to be cut. ... Better Health's mission is to support and promote health care professional bloggers, provide insightful and trustworthy health commentary, and
July 2020

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