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ONC health IT curriculum materials are moving

8. Installation and Maintenance of Health IT Systems. 9. Networking and Health Information Exchange. ... 12. Quality Improvement. 13. Public Health IT. 14. Special Topics Course on Vendor-Specific Systems.
October 2021

The health IT "Grand Experiment": mid-study check-up

The health IT "Grand Experiment": mid-study check-up. It seems that whenever there is something negative about health information technology (HIT) in the popular press, I get emails from people ... Health Affairs, 2013. 32: 87-99. 11. Mandl KD and Kohane
October 2021

Sustained change a challenge for health

While individuals should be provided with ways to improve their health, it's important that any related incentives not be unfairly designed, even inadvertently, said Ana María López, MD, MPH, FACP, ... tying their health premiums to achieving a
May 2016

Zeal, veal and veganism

Zeal, veal and veganism. When my vegan friends and colleagues say that a vegan diet is categorically the best for human health, it is an excess of zeal. ... For instance, we have some reason to believe that it is the diet and health of young girls that
October 2021

May I call you 'doctor'?

the people work "together, with" their physicians to make informed decisions about their health. ... She shares her ideas on education, ethics in medicine, health care news and culture.
October 2021

Truth about saturated fat

Let's give it a go. We have known for a long time—many years—that all saturated fat is not created equal with regard to health effects. ... Regarding mechanisms of effect, there is one especially salient refrain among those championing saturated fat
October 2021

My struggles with our EHR

The first, entitled "Escaping the EHR Trap--The Future of Health IT," discredits the myth propagated by EHR vendors that health IT is different from industrial and consumer IT. ... The second article is also quite enlightening: "Unraveling the IT
October 2021

Health is more than health care

Health is more than health care. When we think about achieving good health, it's natural to think of visits to the doctor for “checkups” and age-appropriate interventions like vaccinations ... Education is tied to income (something we all know), but
October 2021

Code Blue technology: Why is nobody listening?

Health care information technology unsurprisingly makes it into his talk a number of times. ... Frontline IT struggles, and 3 unique reasons why health care IT is so bad for physicians.
October 2021

A surprising reason some still don't like Obamacare

It was either hunger or a disease.” When the government created the ACA it did a “great injustice” because, Green explained, by helping people regain their health, it had limited “the ... And, I presume, better health. Maybe this shouldn't be
October 2021

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