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Heart failure

EHR-based alerts for outpatients with heart failure with reduced ejection fraction (HFrEF) led to significantly higher rates of guideline-directed medical therapy (GDMT) at 30 days compared with usual care, ... The researchers also surveyed clinicians
April 2022

A better signal-to-noise ratio for guidelines

of trustees member with Guidelines International Network, a group dedicated to strengthening clinical guidelines and guideline development. ... The Guidelines International Network or G-I-N is a global membership of medical experts dedicated to leading,
June 2016

Session offers attendees a chance to go “Beyond the Guidelines” | Internal Medicine Meeting 2019 News | ACP Internist

What happens when a real-life patient doesn't fit current guidelines and the clinical approach is unclear? ... The session, “Annals of Internal Medicine Beyond the Guidelines: To What Target A1c Would You Treat This Patient with Diabetes?”, is a
April 2019

Not just another guideline

While the guideline will undoubtedly be essential for those tasked with establishing and running stewardship programs, it isn't going to be frequently referenced by prescribers. ... Thus the impact of the stewardship guideline will be limited unless
May 2022

New dietary guidelines ignore science

New dietary guidelines ignore science. The federal government has issued dietary guidelines every 5 years since 1980. ... These guidelines affect many things, including what children get served for lunch at school.
May 2022

Guidelines have a major problem

Guidelines should not suppress the physician's thought process. Perhaps a great guideline would define the warning signs (or “red flags”) that should induce more careful thinking. ... I often say the diagnosis is job #1. We need our guidelines to
May 2022

Another guideline problem involves inaccurate CV risk estimation

This article, “Recent Update to the U.S. Cholesterol Treatment Guidelines,” summarizes the guideline. ... The guideline uses a risk calculator to guide lipid lowering (mostly statin) prescribing.
May 2022

Guidelines have consequences--intended and unintended

Guidelines have consequences--intended and unintended. For years on this blog I have expressed my frustration with the guideline movement. ... We must stop insisting on calling expert opinions guidelines. We should only call something a guideline when
May 2022

Medical talks in India part 3, dangers of guidelines and the pirate's code

Medical talks in India part 3, dangers of guidelines and the pirate's code. ... The case of conflicting guidelines proves the point clearly. Guideline development succumbs to biases easily.
May 2022

New gout guidelines and 'treat to target'

gout guidelines, said that rheumatologists are concerned about the potential impact on patients from the ACP guideline's nonsupport for treat-to-target. ... The ACP guideline, the ACR 2012 guidelines, and the EULAR 2016 guidelines are in agreement that a
April 2017

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