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Filling in the GAPPs will strengthen evidence-based medicine

Little data supports the use of genomic testing for subjects such as warfarin dosing. Paradoxically, that lack of evidence leaves open the potential for the misuse of direct-to-consumer genomics tests for fun, or for their premature adoption by clinicians.
1 Feb 2010

Honey superior to usual care for upper respiratory tract infections, review finds

A meta-analysis and review found that honey relieved symptoms such as cough better than usual care, but it had not been proven superior to placebo in a randomized, controlled trial.
25 Aug 2020

Latest updates on ACP's priorities, initiatives

ACP Spotlight offers readers a look at ACP's current top priorities and initiatives, as well as highlights from our e-newsletter, ACP Internist Weekly.
1 Jul 2019

ACP named to new Cochrane US Network to promote evidence-based health care and public health

The Cochrane US Network will focus on producing high-quality evidence on priority topics for the United States, among other goals.
11 Jun 2019

ACP partners with Core IM podcast to provide continuing education to ACP members

The podcast features four categories of episodes with topics ranging from knowledge translation and clinical reasoning to critical thinking and humanities.
16 Jul 2019

Minding your P's and M's

In medicine, internists need to mind not just their "P's and Q's" but their "P's and M's," that is, evidence-based practice and evidence-based medicine.
1 May 2017

ACP releases paper on methods for developing evidence-based clinical policy papers

ACP's methodology meets the standards of the Guidelines International Network and the National Academy of Medicine.
11 Jun 2019

Top 10 medical myths, busted

Ten medical myths persist despite all the evidence.
1 Jun 2019

ACP partners with Core IM podcast to offer CME-accredited podcast series

The first in the series, “Coronary CTA: 5 Pearls,” will be available July 10 on the ACP podcast landing page.
25 Jun 2019

Diuretics may be superior to ACE inhibitors for initial hypertension monotherapy

Angiotensin-converting enzyme (ACE) inhibitors appeared only modestly less effective than thiazide or thiazide-like diuretics, but the effect of initial monotherapy with the latter across the whole population could be substantial, the study authors concluded.
5 Nov 2019

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