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Filling in the GAPPs will strengthen evidence-based medicine

First, GAPPNet will facilitate rapid and transparent synthesis and dissemination of existing evidence regarding genomic applications. ... Second, GAPPNet will work to develop and disseminate evidence-based recommendations based on the best available
February 2010

Do doctors practice evidence-based medicine?

Do doctors practice evidence-based medicine? I advocate evidence based medicine. We should restrict our medical recommendations to those that have a reasonable underlying scientific basis. ... Does that mean that they don’t count? Absurd, of course. If
May 2022

Holy (sacred) cow!

In brief, investigators in the UK (hence “randomised”) enrolled about 200 patients with angina, objective evidence of inducible myocardial ischemia and angiographic and hemodynamic evidence of significant single vessel coronary artery
May 2022

Cleaning the House of Medicine

This means, quite simply, that in 2015, and despite the volume of noise about “evidence-based” medicine, much of conventional medicine is at odds with evidence these authors were able to ... At the same time, and equally important, a certain
May 2022

God, GOOP, and the EPA

I share the concern, too, although not the conjoined summary judgment about naturopathic medicine. ... I personally know naturopathic physicians in the vanguard of devotion to evidence-based medicine, just as I know conventionally trained physicians
May 2022

Imposing regulations without evidence

Imposing regulations without evidence. “Experts” consistently champion evidence based medicine. Policy wonks opine that we could greatly improve patient care if we more consistently followed the evidence. ... We should not have regulations that
May 2022

Internal medicine is a wicked problem

But clinicians quickly understand that each decision has nuances based upon the patient's complexity. ... Even evidence-based medicine can suffer because the evidence base does not really fit the patient we are considering.
May 2022

Colonic hydrotherapy: Is it time to bend over?

I admit readily that I, along with every other breathing physician, prescribe treatments and remedies for which no supportive medical evidence exists. ... Physicians who deviate from evidence-based medicine shouldn't casually criticize other
May 2022

Minding your P's and M's

Clinicians who fear top-down cookbooks will find the advocates of evidence-based medicine joining them at the barricades.". ... The College is committed to evidence-based practice, not just evidence-based medicine.
May 2017

Latest updates on ACP's priorities, initiatives

ACP published a paper June 11 in Annals of Internal Medicine that presents the College's methods for developing evidence-based clinical policy papers for clinical guidelines and guidance statements. ... evidence-based medicine.
July 2019

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