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The role of a lifetime in medical education

Many of these programs have evolved to make standardized patient programs a more useful tool for formative assessments that are valuable learning experiences,” Dr. ... As students advance in their training, they are faced with more challenging
April 2018

Pain management

ACP's new Pain Management Learning Hub features educational resources to help health care professionals better assess and manage patients' pain. ... ACP's Pain Management Learning Hub was funded by an independent education grant from Pfizer, Inc., in
April 2021

ACP Internist

And most scientific sessions are recorded for sale so you can keep up with the latest in education.

Measurement does not capture the culture of medical education

Medical education does not succeed through spoon feeding. Medical education succeeds when with excellent role models. ... But do they capture passion. Yes, passion is critical to success in medical education.
November 2021

Informal learning and its moral for medical education

Informal learning and its moral for medical education. We wonder about how technology impacts education and whether it makes educators forget pedagogy as they eagerly incorporate the latest shiny toy or ... He is also the Director of Education Technology
November 2021

QD: News Every Day--IMGs, iPads and medical education

QD: News Every Day--IMGs, iPads and medical education. A report in Health Affairs found no significant difference in mortality between patients treated by a U.S.-educated doctor or an ... U.S.-born and trained doctors fell in between. The lead author is
November 2021

Doctors in training seek ‘bright hope’

Failures during medical training are usually not as devastating as they may seem in the moment. ... Some of Dr. Todd's challenges during training related to her being a nontraditional student.
July 2021


Visit ACP's Telemedicine 201 Education page to access other free, one-hour webinars presented by telemedicine educators.
November 2021

Increasing nutrition education in medicine

Efforts are under way to increase nutrition education and awareness among practicing clinicians and medical students. ... nutrition education, which we have seen and will continue to see,” she concluded.
January 2020


Judith S. Currier, MD, MSc, professor of medicine and division chief of infectious diseases at UCLA Department of Medicine, and director of the UCLA Clinical AIDS Research and Education (CARE) Center.
November 2021

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