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Specialization in medical education

A letter to the editor addresses the primary care shortage in medical education. ... Failing to recognize the above realities is going to leave many smaller training programs in real jeopardy of no longer existing.
July 2017

CME Bulletin Board

The American College of Physicians is accredited by the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education to provide continuing medical education for physicians.
May 2020

ACP Internist

This should involve:. • Education for all health care professionals about the importance of ambulation. ... I have come to this realization through my disabled patients, and learning from disabled activists (mostly on Twitter).
November 2020

ACP Internist

And most scientific sessions are recorded for sale so you can keep up with the latest in education.

Synthesis in medical education

Synthesis in medical education. Mimi presented to the emergency room because of excruciating chest pain. ... This post originally appeared at her blog, "And Thus, It Begins," which chronicles her journey through medical training from day 1 of medical
November 2020

Old school medical education

Old school medical education. As I have the opportunity to give my talk titled, ”Learning How to Think like a Clinician,” many older physicians want to talk afterwards. ... Students and residents seem extremely interested in learning the skills of
November 2020

Bad TV makes for worse medical education

Bad TV makes for worse medical education. So many medical students and residents at the University of Alberta Hospital were using the wrong technique to insert breathing tubes that educators surveyed ... With ER going off the air soon, the students will
November 2020

Thinking, physiology and medical education

Thinking, physiology and medical education. I have written this many times. ... Medical education, at least in the first two years of medical school, does not focus enough on the thought process.
November 2020

The role of podcasts in medical education

Next best is learning from someone else telling us a compelling story about a patient. ... I get different things from each podcast, but most of all I get continued learning.
November 2020

Medical education snaps into 'BST' mode

Medical education snaps into 'BST' mode. We have an amazing culture of teaching at Emory. ... Manning’s blog about teaching, learning, caring and growing in medicine and life.
November 2020

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