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Pain management

Visit the Pain Management Learning Hub to learn more about these new educational materials and to access the Pain Management Learning Series core materials, including interactive pain case studies. ... The ACP Pain Management Learning Hub and its
February 2022

The role of a lifetime in medical education

Many of these programs have evolved to make standardized patient programs a more useful tool for formative assessments that are valuable learning experiences,” Dr. ... As students advance in their training, they are faced with more challenging
April 2018

Pain management

ACP's new Pain Management Learning Hub features educational resources to help health care professionals better assess and manage patients' pain. ... ACP's Pain Management Learning Hub was funded by an independent education grant from Pfizer, Inc., in
April 2021

ACP Internist

And most scientific sessions are recorded for sale so you can keep up with the latest in education.

Get hip to hip pain assessment

Dr. Senter highlighted four nonpharmacological treatments that physicians can offer every patient to help manage hip OA: weight loss, self-management educational programs, exercise, and tai chi, as was cited by
July 2022

Online learning

The new ACP Online Learning Center provides a convenient way for members to explore all of ACP's online learning activities. ... ACP's Online Learning Center offers enhanced search and browsing of learning activities based on the user's choice of
August 2017

Specialization in medical education A letter to the editor addresses the primary care shortage in medical education. ... Failing to recognize the above realities is going to leave many smaller training programs in real jeopardy of no
July 2017


ACP's Online Learning Center is home to hundreds of curated CME- and MOC-eligible learning activities and multimedia content. ... Members can take a brief video tour to learn how to find activities to match their learning preferences.
June 2021


The peer-to-peer learning community, taking place every Wednesday from Aug. 5 through Sept. ... intersession peer-to-peer learning facilitated via virtual discussion boards and ad hoc interest groups.
August 2020

Doctors in training seek ‘bright hope’

Failures during medical training are usually not as devastating as they may seem in the moment. ... Some of Dr. Todd's challenges during training related to her being a nontraditional student.
July 2021

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