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Addressing drug interactions when their likelihood is ‘yes'

Once a patient is taking 10 or more drugs, they face drug interactions. ... The likelihood of drug interactions increases with each prescription. There are quite a few drugs that interfere with the absorption of thyroid-replacement therapy, for example.
June 2009

An alarming advance in computerized monitoring

Alarm fatigue is also prevalent in electronic medical records. For instance, take drug interactions. ... Many EMRs aren't sophisticated enough to differentiate between drug interactions that are minor in nature, versus those that are absolute
October 2020

QD: News Every Day--Providers override drug alerts about half the time

The most common alerts were for duplicate drugs (33.1%), allergies (16.8%) and drug-drug interactions (15.8%). ... When broken down by type of alert, the most common reason for overriding drug-drug interactions was that the provider would monitor the
October 2020

How to fix EMRs

decision support (reminders about indicated services, drug-drug interactions, embedded care pathways, access to supporting clinical evidence); the ability to aggregate information for quality improvement purposes, and more.
October 2020

EHR installation redux

We need better prescribing abilities that don't set off alarms about drug interactions for every pair of medications prescribe, to the point that frustrated physicians disable that feature.
October 2020

Crying wolf: Bypassing EHR drug warnings

Crying wolf: Bypassing EHR drug warnings. ... WhiteCoats blogs that a recent Archives of Internal Medicine study about the tendency for most doctors to override electronic health record warnings of potential drug interactions, "shows how forcing
October 2020

Listening to our patients

Drug-drug interactions have been associated with diuretic failure and, ultimately, resistance.
October 2020

What to do about Niacin?

I have been getting a lot of questions regarding the use of Niacin since the media recently reported that the NIH had stopped their AIM-HIG...
October 2020

Communication between primary care and hospitalists

We get patients doctor shopping for more opiates. We get drug interactions because doctor B has no idea what doctor A prescribed.
October 2020

Guest blogger: My pet peeve of the day

One must have diagnostic acumen, know all treatment modalities, have skills in psychology, inherent common sense, knowledge of medical economics, a vast knowledge of pharmacology and hundreds of drug interactions.
October 2020

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