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Overcoming drug addiction solo: A mother finds strength

Overcoming drug addiction solo: A mother finds strength. Recently, I saw a young woman referred to me for an opinion on her hepatitis C infection. ... addiction. She told me that she her two young kids gave her the motivation she needed to put her
May 2022

Treat addicted patients for the long-term

In Florida, 24% of the doctors referred for treatment of drug addiction specialize in anesthesia, while only 4% of the state's practicing doctors work in the specialty. ... The No. 1 drug pregnancy problem is not alcohol. It's tobacco,” Dr.
June 2009

Doctors and the opioid epidemic

Any individual who takes these medicines over time risks addiction, which is a new disease. ... of drug addiction. .
May 2022

The miracle workers

She sure did. A man I cared for on the hospital service had been ill and was estranged from his family due to a multi-year drug stronghold. ... And when things like drug addiction and untreated mental health issues and time stand as looming barriers,
May 2022

Dear blog, my patients are nuts. Signed, anonymous

Serious topics arise, like when Dr. White Coat encountered an ED patient whom he had pegged as a narcotic-seeking drug seller, only to learn she had brain cancer. ... on the road to drug addiction.
April 2008

Why I won't prescribe pain medicines

With one physician in charge, the patient's pain is more likely to be managed skillfully while the risk of fostering drug dependency and addiction is lessened. ... We can all agree that pain is the enemy. But, the medical profession in its zeal to
May 2022

Misguided morals are making Americans sick

outrage. This outrage is misdirected. A small town in southern Indiana, already suffering from poverty and unemployment, has been hit with the double whammy of drug addiction and HIV.
May 2022

Success with STIs causes complacency

Stoner. “But there's still a barrier for some people who just don't have insurance, particularly those people who have drug addiction. … ... partner's risk factors (e.g., current or past sex partners or drug use).
April 2020

Finding common ground

Late last year, ACP wrote to President Trump expressing support for most of the recommendations of the President's Commission on Combating Drug Addiction and the Opioid Crisis; in March 2018,
May 2018

In this together

previous physician when things go wrong, that we yell at the nurses for their mistakes, that we have such high rates of alcoholism, drug addiction, and suicide.”.
November 2017

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