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ACP's updated depression guideline recommends CBT, second-generation antidepressants

ACP stressed the importance of informing patients and taking their preferences into account when deciding between the recommended first-line therapies of cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) or an antidepressant.
24 Jan 2023

Medicare's wellness coverage offers critical services

Physicians must understand the requirements for billing for Medicare-covered preventive services, such as the “Welcome to Medicare” exam and Annual Wellness Visit (AWV).
1 Feb 2023

Portal-based population health screening appears effective for depression

Patients who received emails inviting them to complete an online screener via a patient portal were more likely to be screened for depression and had a higher rate of positive screens than those who received usual care, a single-center study found.
27 Sep 2022

More tools available for treating IBS

Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) is not a new disorder, but physicians' understanding of its pathophysiology and treatment has greatly progressed over the years.
1 Jan 2023

Meta-analysis finds no association between beta-blocker therapy, depression

Beta-blockers did not appear to affect depression or other psychiatric adverse events, with the possible exception of sleep-related disorders, a recent study found.
23 Mar 2021

New options no panacea for depression

Internists can have the greatest impact by continuing to be the first point of contact, treating mild to moderate depression, and explaining what may be available if first-line options fall short.
1 Sep 2019

Nondrug therapies outperformed drugs for depression symptoms in dementia, review finds

Massage and touch therapy, cognitive stimulation combined with a cholinesterase inhibitor, and cognitive stimulation combined with exercise and social interaction were more efficacious for symptoms of depression in people with dementia and without a diagnosis of a major depressive disorder.
30 Mar 2021

Supporting grieving patients after a loss

There are ways to talk to patients after the death of a loved one, recognize tips for diagnosing and managing prolonged grief disorder, and access grief counselors for referral.
1 Jan 2023

ACP advises on physician suicide prevention; study examines depression in med students

New ethical guidance from the College offers advice on how to respond to physician suicide, while a recent study found that depressive symptoms became more common as medical students progressed through school.
8 Jun 2021

U.S. veterans may not always receive preferred treatment for depression

A survey found that more patients strongly preferred psychotherapy than medication, but those who preferred medication and those who preferred psychotherapy did not receive them in 32.1% and 21.8% of cases, respectively.
19 Oct 2021

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