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Changes coming for colon cancer screening

Potential paths to a higher-value colon cancer screening system include developing alternative screening technologies, refining risk assessment and surveillance, and lowering the cost of sedation. ... This new world of colon cancer screening, with
July 2014

American Cancer Society wants colon cancer screening at age 45

American Cancer Society wants colon cancer screening at age 45. Until last week, colon cancer screening for most folks started at age 50. ... Is it time to make an adjustment? Our colon cancer screening system is not perfect.
April 2022

When doctors break the law

I advise my patients who have reached the 50 year mark that they should pursue colon cancer screening.
April 2022

In the News

It's effective to mail fecal test kits to patients if they're overdue for colon cancer screening, researchers learned. ... 4.9%; P=.09). ACP Internist offers expert, easy-to-follow guidelines for encouraging colon cancer screening, including video
April 2009

Am I too old for a colonoscopy?

The reason is that medical studies have demonstrated that the benefits of colon cancer screening in this age group is not justified by the risk and expense of the effort. ... He's never had a colonoscopy. Does a screening study really make sense here?
April 2022

Are we really ready for quality-based doctor payments?

Take, for example, colon cancer screening. Because it may have occurred a couple of years ago (and is still up to date) it may not appear in the insurance company's
April 2022

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Imperiale said. “We’re not just saying, ‘It’stime for your colon cancer screening. ... Adherenceto colorectal cancer screening: a ran-domized clinical trial of competingstrategies. Arch Intern Med.2012;172:575-82.
May 2016

Safety nets catch at-risk patients

Brigham and Women's Hospital in Boston first began to pilot its ambulatory safety nets for missed and delayed diagnoses in 2016 for patients at risk for colon cancer and lung ... Desai explained how the academic tertiary care center developed ambulatory
January 2020

Preventive care and personal responsibility

While I agreed with her that his primary care physician should have made a timely recommendation to pursue colon cancer screening (which for all I know may have happened), surely her ... The medical profession and numerous health organizations have been
April 2022

Why I won't refill your prescription

Is the patient up to date on other issues within a gastroenterologist's responsibility such as colon cancer screening?
April 2022

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