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Methadone challenging option for treatment of chronic pain | ACP Internist

Involved in one-third of all deaths from prescription drug overdoses, methadone requires expert management to prescribe safely. Learn that latest guideline recommendations and when it's best used.
September 2014

Elements of chronic pain are often overlooked : ACP Internist

I think everyone who sees patients, and treats a lot of them with a particular condition, comes to see that condition as a microcosm of all ...
April 2019

QD: News Every Day--Returning infantry soldiers face chronic pain, opioid use : ACP Internist

In a survey of U.S. soldiers returned from deployment, 44% reported chronic pain and 15% reported recent use of opioid pain relievers. Resea...
April 2019

ACP launches new services for quality improvement | Internal Medicine Meeting 2019 News | ACP Internist

ACP Advance features a physician-led coaching service, a new QI curriculum, and access to virtual training programs and resources.
April 2019

Opioid contracts for chronic pain patients threaten the doctor-patient relationship : ACP Internist

A contract is an agreement stipulating the rights and obligations of the signatories. In most cases, a contract is consulted when a dispute ...
April 2019

Cannabis for chronic pain: Are we there yet? : ACP Internist

Marijuana is pretty popular stuff, and for good reason. It is a potent drug, capable of both making someone feel good and of reinforcing dep...
April 2019

The roots of pain : ACP Internist

I was privileged this week to speak at the annual meeting of the American Pain Society . It was especially gratifying to address a group of ...
April 2019

Managing pain in primary care: moving beyond the rock and the hard place : ACP Internist

This post by Juliet K. Mavromatis, FACP, appeared at DrDialogue . In April 2010 the American Society of Anesthesiologists published updat...
April 2019

Chronic pain program provides model for small practices | ACP Internist

New laws in Kentucky meant to curb opioid misuse were drafted from the standpoint of law enforcement and not medical practice, leading to areas of confusion for clinicians and their staff. ACP created a model that practices could follow to improve
November 2015

Don't blame doctors for prescription drug overdoses : ACP Internist

The overdose death rate from prescription opioids, referred to as "narcotics," has reached "epidemic levels" in the U.S., according to a rep...
April 2019

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