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Sick patients with chronic diseases and the wisdom of Dr. Bernard Lown

Sick patients with chronic diseases and the wisdom of Dr. Bernard Lown.
April 2022

Managing medication adherence

About 50% of patients with chronic diseases adhere to long-term therapies, according to the World Health Organization. ... More generally, Redwood City, Calif.-based Proteus Digital Health is targeting such chronic diseases as hypertension and diabetes.
March 2017

Strokes of unkind fate

The crises of chronic disease are dangerous of course, but replete with opportunity. ... How great is the opportunity? Succinctly, we knew some 24 years ago how to apply lifestyle practices to eliminate 80% of all premature death and the chronic diseases
April 2022

Futuristic medicine

Artificial organs created in 3-D printers. • Miniature cameras journeying through the digestive tract, circulatory system and major organs delivering customized treatment for various diseases. • ... Smart phone analysis of saliva sample which will
April 2022

The importance of exercise

decrease the probability of many chronic diseases, and likely make you feel and look healthier.
April 2022

DNA is not destiny? Well, duh

causes of cancer, as for other major chronic diseases, are overwhelmingly preventable. ... and an even higher majority of other chronic diseases.
April 2022

We are wrong to pin our hopes on a COVID-19 vaccine

addressing all the other deadly chronic diseases out there.
April 2022

Put patients in the driver's seat to steer toward better health Engaging patients in managing their own chronic diseases can be the key to helping them achieve their goals and improve outcomes. ... Chicago internist Doriane Miller, MD, (left) works to engage
February 2008

Cancer and Random Genes: Fortune Favors the Prepared

behind, andthat some populations around the world get much less cancer, as well as other chronic diseases, not because of genetic advantage, but because of lifestyle advantage, mediated by culture. ... into less cancer along with other chronic diseases,
April 2022

Sat-fat bait and switch

There is some evidence that butter, per se, may increase the risk for some chronic diseases but not others. ... foods in sensible and time-honored combinations, are associated with longevity, vitality, and the avoidance of all chronic diseases.
April 2022

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