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Pearls for lowering lipids

their guidelines about using lipid-lowering therapy to reduce cardiovascular risks, said Leonard Mankin, MD, FACP. ... In addition, the 2015 U.S. dietary guidelines have eliminated specific limits on dietary cholesterol, as it doesn't affect serum
July 2016

Ending the big, fat debate

Certain fats, notably trans fat, are decisively harmful. There is good, bad, and ugly in the mix. ... Trans fats: With its recent action, the FDA has effectively “banned” trans fat from routine use in the U.S.
May 2021

Saturated fat: weighed, measured, and found wanting

It's not true that nutrition experts have focused only on saturated fat, while ignoring sugar. ... They examine the evidence linking saturated fat to elevations of blood lipids, notably LDL, and the evidence linking LDL to coronary disease.
May 2021

Study says saturated fat as bad as sugar

fat is exactly as bad for health as a high intake of sugar and refined starch. ... Stupidity is what’s killing us, far more surely than sugar or saturated fat.
May 2021

Athletes want to share the fat

muscle they'd also like to add body fat in order to look more like other young men their age. ... Goes to show that the grass is always greener. Turns out fat can also help you look younger, according to a new study of identical twins.
May 2021

Cholesterol: validation of the self

Cholesterol: validation of the self. This post by John H. Schumann, FACP, appeared at GlassHospital. ... helps reduce and stabilize the cholesterol-laden plaques that build up in our arteries, mostly due to our higher fat, highly processed American diets.
May 2021

QD: News Every Day--Trans-fat levels falling in adults

QD: News Every Day--Trans-fat levels falling in adults. Trans-fatty acids in white adults decreased by 58% in the U.S. ... The suspicion is that a lot of trans-fatty acids increase LDL cholesterol.
May 2021

Big news on niaspan, cholesterol drugs and biomarkers

cholesterol. But in the trial, niacin provided no benefit over simple statin therapy. ... study that calls into question the benefit of raising good cholesterol to combat the leading cause of death.
May 2021

Truth about saturated fat

Mechanistic studies suggest less inflammation and atherogenesis when saturated fat intake is reduced, and replaced by unsaturated fats. ... Intervention studies show similar benefits when a baseline diet with many liabilities, a high load of saturated
May 2021

Keeping our wits with (and about) cholesterol

If elevated cholesterol were going to harm them, it would have done so earlier. ... It does nothing to refute the harms of high cholesterol over time in everyone else.
May 2021

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