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Business experts urge small-practice doctors to take action

yet.”. At the Business of Medicine Summit held in Philadelphia this February, speakers had some grim predictions and urgent alerts for attendees. ... Attendees at a recent Business of Medicine Summit were advised to prepare for coming practice
May 2013

Visiting the dark side at MGMA

Visiting the dark side at MGMA. Learning about the business of medicine can be fun, even inspiring. ... But after my foray into the biz of medicine, I'm ready to hop back over to clinical side of the wall.
July 2020

Trying to do right

But we also want to do that without causing harm. We want to practice the best evidence-based medicine. ... I've seen comments on the internet that doctors are part of the "business of medicine" and they order tests and use "big pharma" drugs so they can
July 2020

Lifestyle, not just financial decisions, drive exodus from primary care

Combined with increasing costs and downward pressures of reimbursement, doctors are loath to take a risk of essentially running a business in this toxic environment. ... There is a downside, of course. By divorcing new doctors, already naive to the
July 2020

How much does a colonoscopy cost?

Personally, I believe that private medicine is being targeted by design, and when it becomes extinct, the public will lose an important health care resource. ... This is partially because I have never been interested in the business of medicine.
July 2020

Mammograms don't help, and the dog that didn't bark in the night

such as Medscape and Internal Medicine News, organizations primarily funded by drug and device manufacturers, but also by other aspects of the business of medicine. ... She lives in Idaho when not traveling. Disturbed by various aspects of the practice
July 2020

Patient-centered care, part 1

needs. The only way to be a patient-centered doc in the current system in our country is to be lousy at the business of medicine. ... I am now nearly up to 700 patients, and (despite having a doctor running the business) am seeing steady growth of the
July 2020

Should doctors treat their patients like customers?

First of all, customers in the business world have unique characteristics, identifying traits, if you will. ... And the masses, especially the masses of health care customers, are not uniformly enlightened enough to tell us how to conduct the age-old
July 2020

How to avoid being a dumb-ass doctor

The good news is that I actually want to get more organized and on top of the business. ... 1. I kept it simple. The business of medicine is a morass of rules, codes, and disclaimers.
July 2020

Dispensing drugs on site may help with patient compliance

Stein of QuiqMeds, which currently does business with about 40 physicians and will soon begin a pilot program with Aetna. ... Another office-based prescription business, MedVantx Inc. of San Diego, offers what it calls a consumer medication management
March 2008

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